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Thai An 220kV Substation in Vietnam Designed by HRC Officially Put into Operation (2011-12-27)
Vietnam Thai An Hydropower Station Designed by HRC Officially Put into Operation (2011-12-27)
Muong Hum Hydropower Station in Viet Nam designed by HRC connected for power generation (2011-12-27)
Sports Meeting Held in Honor of the 30th Anniversary of HRC (2011-12-08)
"Training Workshop on Efficiency Improvement and Capacity Increase for National Rural Hydropower" held in Hangzhou (2011-12-08)
A Turkish Company "BERKE ELEKTRIK URETIM" Visited HRC (2011-11-22)
Deputy Director of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Cao Xinan Visited HRC (2011-11-18)
Closing Ceremony of "Ministerial Seminar on Water Resources and Small Hydropower for Developing Countries" Held in Shanghai (2011-11-11)
Opening Ceremony of "Ministerial Seminar on Water Resources and Small Hydropower for Developing Countries" Held in Hangzhou (2011-11-10)
Photos de la formation PCHE en 2011 (2011-10-10)
Delegates of Indian CONCEPT International Company Visited HRC (2011-10-10)
Clôture de la Formation sur la Technologie de Petites Centrales Hydroélectriques pour les Pays d'Afrique Francophone (2011-10-09)
2011 Training Workshop on SHP Technology for French-speaking Countries in Africa Concluded Successfully (2011-09-30)
Training Workshop on SHP Technology for French-speaking Countries in Africa opened (2011-08-24)
Ouverture de la Formation sur la technologie de Petites Centrales Hydroélectriques pour les Pays d'Afrique francophone (2011-08-23)
An overall inspection team for foreign-aid training programs of Ministry of Commerce visited HRC for inspection (2011-08-16)
Director Cheng Attended "Seminar on Small Hydropower Development" and Delivered Keynote Speech (2011-08-12)
HRC's Regular Meeting for Scientific Research and Production of the First Half of 2011 Held (2011-07-26)
2011 Zhejiang Training Workshop for SHP Safety Supervisors Held in HRC (2011-07-26)
Photo Collection of 2011 SHP Training (2011-07-25)
The Result of HRC's Photo Contest Released (2011-07-21)
2011 Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Developing Countries Concluded Successfully (2011-07-11)
Football Match Held Between HRC Team and Participants of International Training Workshop (2011-06-22)
Four Technical Standards Drafted by HRC Reviewed (2011-06-08)
Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Developing Countries Starts in HRC (2011-06-03)
World Bank Project "Researches on the Refurbishment Technology of Zhejiang SHP Stations" Undertaken by HRC Passed the Acceptance (2011-05-26)
Seize the Opportunity to Carry out Cooperation in Africa (2011-05-24)
SHP Seminar Held in Serbia (2011-05-11)
Changzhao Hydropower Station began production after disuse and reconstruction (2011-05-03)
NHRI President Mr. Zhang Jianyun Delivered an Important Speech at HRC Middle-level Caucus (2011-05-03)
CAS Academician Mr. Liu Changming Visited HRC (2011-04-26)
Popularization and Application of New-type Operator of Rural SHP Station Successfully Pass the Acceptance (2011-04-06)
Mr. Lin Ning with HRC Awarded the Honor of "Advanced Individual on International Cooperation in National Water Resources Sector" (2011-03-29)
Regular Meeting for Scientific Research and Production Management of 2011 Held in HRC (2011-03-25)
Thousand Miles Apart, One String Links: HRC Representatives Attended Sino-Turkey Wedding (2011-03-23)
HRC's Paper Bestowed Third Prize of 2010 Zhejiang Academic Award for Natural Science (2011-03-23)
HRC's Central Branch of CPC Committee Held Enlarged Meeting for Document Learning (2011-03-23)
Enda delegates Mr. Vedat and Mr. Aktan Visited HRC (2011-03-21)
Vietnamese Guest Paid a Visit to HRC (2011-03-21)
NHRI Reported Work to National Energy Bureau (2011-03-15)
HRC Leaders Reported Work in MWR (2011-02-24)
2011 New-Year-Talk for Retired Staff Was Held (2011-01-28)
2011 New Year Ceremony of HRC Was Held (2011-01-28)
2010 Work Review & Commendation Meeting of HRC Was Held (2011-01-28)
Debriefing Report Conference of Division Chiefs Held in HRC (2011-01-28)
The First Plenary Session of the Third Staff Congress Held in HRC (2011-01-28)
HRC's two standards passed examination (2011-01-19)
Three technical standard awards of Hangzhou for 2009 were given to HRC (2011-01-19)
High Officials Inspected HRC (2011-01-10)
Delegation from Nanjing Automation Institute of Water Conservancy & Hydrology Visited HRC (2010-12-31)
Pakistani Customer visited HRC (2010-12-29)
Peruvian Agent and His Wife Visited HRC (2010-12-15)
Mr. Taskin from Turkish Fernas Company Visited HRC (2010-12-15)
Meeting of Standard Compilation Project Leaders Held by HRC (2010-12-10)
Mr Lu Tianshou with HRC Awarded Dayu Special Prize (2010-12-10)
National Working Conference on Technical Supervision of Water Resources Held in Beijing (2010-11-19)
2010 Annual Conference of China Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES) Held in Guiyang (2010-11-19)
HRC's "Digital Electric Leakage Protection Technology" was bestowed Second Prize of 2010 Dayu Water Resources Scientific and Technology Awards by MWR (2010-11-03)
The 15th Annual Convention of China SSC Network Held in Shanghai (2010-11-02)
Norwegian delegation visited HRC (2010-10-26)
Participants of Asia Pacific Leadership Program Visited HRC (2010-10-25)
Indonesian Guests Visited HRC (2010-09-27)
First Training Workshop on Related Standards of Substituting SHP for Fuel Successfully Concluded (2010-09-26)
Indian Guests Visited HRC (2010-09-26)
Delegates from Hydro Development Ltd. of Papua New Guinea Visited HRC (2010-09-19)
My Stay in China (PDF) (2010-09-16)
Director Cheng Xialei Was Bestowed "Silver Award for China Foreign Aid Dedication" by MOFCOM (2010-08-30)
Rural Hydropower Safety Supervision Training of MWR Concluded (2010-08-25)
Meeting of Liaisons for Foreign Affairs of Ministry of Water Resources Held in Hefei City (2010-08-25)
"Zhejiang Zhongzhou Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design Co., Ltd." Set up (2010-08-10)
Regular work meeting for the first half of 2010 held by HRC (2010-08-04)
Forum on SHP in China vs CDM Held in Shanghai (2010-07-22)
Photos of the Seminar (2010-07-21)
HRC's key R+D project in Zhejiang passed acceptance (2010-07-19)
2010 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Developing Countries Concluded (2010-07-13)
Photo collection of 2010 SHP Training Workshop (2010-06-25)
Distinguished Delegations from Norway Visited HRC (2010-06-13)
Director of HRC attended the UNIDO Workshop (2010-06-12)
2010 training workshop on small hydropower technology for developing countries concluded with success (2010-06-10)
Director General Charles Lin from Canada Visited HRC (2010-05-10)
Walking Match along the Grand Canal (2010-05-10)
MWR Vice Minister Inspected HRC (2010-04-28)
2010 Annual Meeting of SHP Special Committee of China Society of Hydroelectric Engineering was successfully held in Hangzhou (2010-04-27)
Representatives of Hangzhou Yatai Visiting Chief Counselor for Commercial Affairs of Turkey to China (2010-04-26)
HRC Visited Turkey for Deepening Hydropower Cooperation (2010-04-01)
Promotion Conference for Clean Energy Development in Macedonia Held Successfully (2010-03-08)
Leaders of HRC made work report to BRHED (2010-03-02)
Two SHP industrial standards revised by HRC promulgated (2010-01-04)
NHRI Delegation Inspected HRC (2009-12-30)
2009 Seminar on Small Hydropower Technology Concluded with Full Success (2009-12-24)
A New Contract Awarded to HRC (2009-12-11)
Photo Collection of SHP Training for African (2009-12-07)
The opening ceremony for 2009 Seminar on SHP held at HRC (2009-12-03)
TGC Delegation from Thailand Visited HRC (2009-12-02)
Clôture de la formation de PCHE pour l'Afrique 2009 (2009-11-27)
Hydropower Expert from Sudan Visited HRC (2009-11-20)
Training Workshop for Security Supervisors of Rural Hydropower System concluded successfully (2009-11-19)
HRC passed re-certification and assessment of ISO9001 Quality Management System (2009-10-30)
Work Meeting Held by HRC (2009-10-30)
Nepalese Guests Visited HRC (2009-10-30)
HRC's Agent in Turkey Visited China (2009-10-27)
HRC's Project Consulting Qualification Upgraded (2009-10-27)
Ouverture du Stage de Formation 2009 sur les Petites Centrales Hydro¨¦lectriques (pour l'Afrique) (2009-10-22)
2009 Training Workshop on SHP for Africa Kicks off (2009-10-22)
Hangzhou Yatai Attended the XVIII CONIMERA in Peru (2009-10-20)
Nigerian Guests visited HRC (2009-10-20)
Yalnizca Hydropower Station in Turkey Accomplished by Hangzhou Yatai (2009-10-16)
Two SHP stations designed by HRC start power generation (2009-09-25)
Representative of SHP Special Committee participated in Academic Exchange Symposium on Small and Medium Hydropower Construction and Management in Hunan and gave an academic report (2009-09-15)
The Sixty Years of Small Hydropower Development in China will be out to readers (2009-09-14)
South African Participant visited HRC (2009-09-07)
HRC assisted in organizing a study tour for Global Water Partnership (GWP) China Secretariat (2009-08-28)
Two Hydropower Stations Operating in Turkey (2009-08-28)
Delegation from Vietnam Academy for Water Resources visit HRC (2009-08-27)
Vietnamese Delegation of SHP Assessment Visited HRC (2009-08-14)
HRC organized an investigation and research visit to IN-SHP (2009-08-10)
HRC held a summing-up meeting for the first half of 2009 (2009-08-06)
A group of six persons led by Director Cheng Xialei visited clients in Turkey and greeted representatives of on-site staff at the power stations (2009-07-17)
A Red Journey to Mt. Jinggangshan Organized by NRIRE Committee of CPC (2009-07-17)
NHRI leaders came to HRC to announce the adjustment and appointment for HRC's leaders (2009-07-14)
Two Sets of Technical Standards of Water Resource Industry Edited by HRC Approved by the Experts (2009-07-06)
Photo collection of 09 SHP training (2009-06-30)
2009 Training Workshop on Small Hydropower Technology Concluded with Full Success (2009-06-26)
2009 Training Workshop on SHP Kicks off (2009-05-18)
A Visit to Turkish Embassy in Beijing (2009-05-04)
Serbian Customers Visited HRC (2009-04-27)
Turkey Customer Visited HRC (2009-04-03)
Norwegian Guests Visited HRC (2009-04-03)
HRC's Summary Meeting of Studying and Practicing the Scientific Outlook on Development (2009-03-18)
Summit Forum of China's Hydropower Sustainable Development Held in Beijing (2009-03-05)
Officials from MOFCOM Inspected HRC (2009-03-04)
Compilation of 60 Years of China's SHP kicked Off (2009-02-26)
Report Meeting on Ecological Compensation Mechanism in Developing Hydro Energy Resources Held (2009-02-26)
Symposium on Refurbishment and Safety of Rural Hydropower Held in Nanjing (2009-02-26)
Distinguished Guests from Pakistan Visited HRC (2009-02-17)
Mr Zhang Guobao: Actively develop new & renewable energy (2009-02-17)
Gera II Hydropower Station in Peru Commissioned Successfully (2009-02-16)
HRC's SHP Training Programs in 2009
2009 HRC Spring Festival Party Held (2009-01-20)
2008 HRC's Annual Meeting Held (2009-01-20)
HRC's annual working report meeting held (2009-01-14)
Representatives of AGE visit HRC (2009-01-12)

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