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A Turkish Company "BERKE ELEKTRIK URETIM" Visited HRC

   ---On 18th November 2011, Mr. RIFAT and Mr. ERKAN of a Turkish company called "BERKE ELEKTRIK URETIM" paid a visit to HRC for determining the turbine-generating equipment manufacturers of three hydropower projects and discussing the scope of supply and some technical issues with us.

   Last year, Mr. Xu Jincai,deputy director of National Research Institute for Rural Electrification, together with Mr. Lin Ning and Mr. Xu Wei, Deputy General Managers of Hangzhou Yatai Hydro Equipment Completing Co., Ltd., visited this company in Turkey. The technical expertise and the overseas achievements of Hangzhou Yatai just gave a deep impression to the customer.

   During this visit in China, detailed discussion was held concerning the delivery, supply scope vendor list and price etc. (2011-11-22)




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