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Participants of Asia Pacific Leadership Program Visited HRC

   ---On the afternoon of Oct, 19, participants of Asia Pacific Leadership Program Mr. Rahul Shah form Nepal and Mr. Eric Escosio Noble from the Philippines visited HRC. Director of HRC Ms. Cheng Xialei and the related division chiefs of Foreign Affairs & Training, Division of International Cooperation, Science & Technology and Hangzhou Yatai Hydro Equipment Completing Co. Ltd. met with the guests and had a cordial exchange with them.

   Director Ms. Cheng Xialei firstly introduced the basic situation of the development of Chinese small hydropower and the overall policy in the field of small hydropower development. Mr. Lin Ning, Deptuy General Manager of Hangzhou Yatai Hydro Equipment Completing Co. Ltd., introduced HRC's briefing and HRC's work in small hydropower. Director Cheng Xialei and division chiefs jointly answered questions by the foreign guests in terms of the exploitation and development of the renewable energy, the innovation in energy fields and cultivation of leaders, etc.

   The foreign guests were grateful for HRC's warm reception. Mr. Shah expressed their keen desire to cooperate with HRC in energy and other fields, at the same time he earnestly recommended HRC's participation in Asia Pacific Leadership Program.

   The headquarters of Asia Pacific Leadership Program is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. It aims at cultivating future leaders of Asia Pacific in related fields, in order to promote the cooperation and communication between the east and the west. (2010-10-25)



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