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Seize the Opportunity to Carry out Cooperation in Africa

   ---Following the further development of the Sino-Africa new-type strategic partnership, with the purpose of strengthening the cooperation and exchange between African countries and HRC, at the invitation of the minister of Republic of Congo Ministry of Energy and Hydraulics, HRC Division Chief of International Cooperation, Science &Technology, Mr. Li Zhiwu, staff member of Division of Foreign Affairs & Training, Ms Shi Jin, together with their partners---leaders and experts of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. conducted an investigation on water conservancy and hydropower projects in Congo( Brazzaville) from April 30th to May 16th .

   Congo (Brazzaville), i.e. Republic of Congo is located in the Midwest of the African continent, with the equator traversing its midland. It covers an area of 342 thousand square kilometers with a population of 4.2million. In Feb. 22, 1964, Congo (Brazzaville) established diplomatic relations with China. Congo (Brazzaville) is rich in water resources and has more than 100 rivers, most of which belong to the Congo River system. Numerous tributaries and branches of Congo River form a dense water network system, which can be well developed and utilized. At present, the political situation in Congo (Brazzaville) is relatively stable, and the electricity supply for industry and household is insufficient with the antiquated power supply system. There is a great demand in electricity.

   On May 3rd, the minister of Energy and Hydraulics of Republic of Congo met our delegation cordially and discussed on the cooperation in the field of power energy. The minister expressed his gratitude to HRC for having cultivated small hydropower professionals for Republic of Congo and welcomed HRC representatives to conduct inspection in Congo (Brazzaville), hoping Chinese SHP technology can be contributory to Congo (Brazzaville) in the construction of power projects and the bilateral cooperation between China and Republic of Congo can be sustained. A memorandum of cooperation concerning reconstruction of urban power grid and SHP projects was signed.

   Taking this opportunity, HRC representatives paid a visit to the former participants of international training workshop. The participants said that what they had learned in HRC was very useful in their daily work. They would be very supportive of HRC's follow-up work in Congo (Brazzaville) and actively promote and facilitate the relevant cooperation.

   This visit to Africa is very conductive for HRC to further develop African market, and it is significant in improving HRC's influence on African market, and seizing the opportunities to carry out cooperation with the peers in Africa.(2011-05-24)



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