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2011 New-Year-Talk for Retired Staff Was Held

   ---On the morning of 23rd January, the 2011 New-Year-Talk for Retired Staff was held. HRC leaders and all the retired HRC staff attended the symposium which was presided over by Deputy Secretary of HRC's CPC Committee Mr. Xie Yiming.

   Director of HRC Ms. Cheng made a report to the participants from the perspectives of scientific researches and work concerning public welfare, international cooperation and exchange, industrial scale and economic growth, internal management and logistics, party building and promotion of cultural and ideological progress, and the working plan for 2011 was also announced.

   Mr. Xie notified the expenditures made on retirees in 2010 and the allotment of year-end bonus. He claimed that HRC would continue to care for the working, studying and living conditions of the retired staff in the future and make constant improvement on such aspects.

   After listening to the reports, former leaders of HRC Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang, Mr. Zheng Naibo, Mr. Shen Lunzhang and others fully recognized the achievements made by HRC under the new team of leadership, particularly the Twelfth Five-year Plan under formulation. They gave applause to HRC's CPC Committee for strictly implementing of the national policy concerning retired staff and they declared that they would give full support to HRC's work.

   After the talk, all the HRC leaders and retired staff attended the 2011 New Year Ceremony for Retired Staff in HRC's Ruidi Hotel. During the ceremony, on behalf of National Research Institute for Rural Electrification/HRC and the CPC committee of HRC, Director Cheng gave a passionate speech and wished all the retirees a happy new year and good health. HRC leaders, retired and young staff of HRC jointly gave colorful and wonderful performances. (2011-01-28)



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