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2009 Training Workshop on SHP Kicks off

   ---Entrusted by Chinese Ministry of Commerce and organized by National Research Institute for Rural Electrification (NRIRE), also known as Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydropower (HRC), 2009 TCDC Training Workshop on Small Hydro Power commenced on May 14 in Hangzhou. Present at the opening ceremony were 21 participants working in the field of energy and hydropower from 12 countries, such as Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Myanmar, Liberia, D.P.R.Korea Benin, Malawi, etc. Due to the flight changes, several participants are still on their way to China. This training marks the 52nd international training workshop that HRC has implemented since its establishment.

   The opening ceremony started with the address of Mr. Fan Aihua, Division Chief from Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province. It was noted in his address that China is a large developing country and that Chinese government had attached great importance to its exchange of politics and culture as well as its trade and economic cooperation with other developing countries in ever-expanding areas and innovative forms. Mr. Fan pointed out that China is rich in SHP resources and Zhejiang is among the provinces that boast of a comparatively developed economy. He hoped that all the participants could learn more about China as well as Zhejiang province during their stay in China and that they could make contributions to the small hydropower development of their own countries after the study here.

   On behalf of HRC, Ms. Cheng Xialei, deputy director of HRC and Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang, honorary director of HRC, respectively gave a speech and expressed their warm welcome to all the participants. Mr. Xu Jincai, deputy director of NRIRE, Mr. Huang Jianping, chief engineer of HRC, and some professors and working staff were also present at the opening ceremony.

   On behalf of all the participants, Mr. Henry from Malawi extended his gratefulness to the Chinese government, the Chinese people, the sponsor Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the organizer HRC, followed by a brief introduction of small hydropower development in Malawi.

   The opening ceremony ended with a group photo and marked the beginning of the participants' 6-week pleasant stay in HRC.(2009-05-18)



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