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Deputy Director of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Cao Xinan Visited HRC

   ---On 15th November, Mr. Cao Xinan, Deputy Director of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province visited HRC in the company of Division Chief, Mr. Shou Xueping. Deputy Director Mr. Xu Jincai received the delegation and held a meeting with them.

   At the meeting, on behalf of Director Ms. Cheng Xialei, Mr. Xu extended a warm welcome to Deputy Director Mr. Cao and his delegation, and expressed sincere gratitude for the great support and help from Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province. Deputy Director Mr. Xu reported the work that HRC carried out in terms of scientific and public work, international cooperation and communication, industry scale and economic growth, Party building and spiritual civilization and so on. He also expressed hopes that Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province would give support to the construction of HRC's "Research Center on Rural Hydropower Engineering Technology of the Ministry of Water Resources", as well as the application for scientific research projects of Zhejiang Province.

   Mr. Cao Xinan granted full recognition to the achievements made by HRC. In particular, he pointed out that the Party building of HRC has been carried out effectively with various forms, wide-ranging activities, powerful organization construction, strong cohesion and combat effectiveness.

   After the meeting, Deputy Director Mr, Cao visited the office of HRC working staffs, the new technical lab for small hydropower and lab for small hydropower engineering quality inspection center. Mr. Cao had a cordial talk with HRC working staffs and enquired about their life and working condition. HRC staff members were deeply moved by Mr. Cao's taking time off from his busy schedule for the visit.

   Division heads of New-Tech R&D Center for M/S Hydro, Division of International cooperation, Science & Technology, Administrative Office attended the reception.(2011-11-18)




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