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Football Match Held Between HRC Team and Participants of International Training Workshop

   ---On the morning of June 12th, a friendly football match was held between HRC amateur football team and the participants of "Training Workshop on Small Hydropower of Technology for Developing Countries". The match aimed at enriching the extracurricular life of participants and strengthening the friendship between participants and HRC staff members.

   On the football field, all the players demonstrated their effort with passion, energy and good spirit. The match was carried out in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Finally, participants of international workshop won the game with a score of 5:3.

   This was the second football match between HRC staff and participants of international training workshop. In January 2007, the first one was conducted and the temporary football team of HRC was defeated at 1:11. This time, an amateur football team was set up formally before the match. All the team members were well prepared and displayed a fine sportsmanship. Although they lost the game with a score of 3:5, they have made great progress comparing to the first football match.

   42 participants from 23 countries and 23 HRC staff members were present at the football match, either as audiences or players.(2011-06-22)



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