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Two Sets of Technical Standards of Water Resource Industry Edited by HRC Approved by the Experts

   ---On June 25th 2009, an examination meeting for two sets of standards for water resources industry°™°™Regulation for Compilation of Hydro Energy Development Program for Medium and Small-sized River (draft) and Hydro energy Design Code for Small Hydro Power Projects (draft) was held in Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydropower (HRC) by Bureau of Hydropower and Rural Electrification Development of MWR. The meeting has approved two standard drafts that are to become the editions for approval after being revised and perfected by the drafting group according to the suggestions put forward by the expert panel.

   The meeting holds that the two sets of draft standards for examination are directed by correct guideline with their contents covering all the areas requested; they are basically coordinated with related technical regulations; the structure and the arranging format of the articles and chapters of the main body are proper and well organized; with complete submitted documents, these drafts conform to the requirements of Specification for the Drafting of Technical Standards of Water Resources. The drafting group of Regulation for Compilation of Hydro energy Development Program for Medium and Small-sized River, according to the demand of new situations, highlights the issues that are of great concern nowadays, such as the coordination of hydro energy development and ecological environmental protection, and the resettlement of migrants as a result of reservoir inundation. The compilation of this regulation shows innovation and advancement. The drafting group of Hydro energy Design Code for Small Hydro Power Projects stresses the investigation and analysis of materials, which has laid a good foundation for the compilation of this code. In line with the development of science and technology, the code has met the demand of the market and fulfilled the thoughts of developing hydropower resources reasonably.(2009-07-06)



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