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Four Technical Standards Drafted by HRC Reviewed

   ---Entrusted by the Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, MWR, from 25th to 28th May 2011, the Bureau of Rural Hydropower and Electrification Development, MWR presided and held a review meeting in Hangzhou for the examination of three draft national standards and one revision guideline of MWR standard, inclusive of the "Technical Specification for Operation and Maintenance of SHP Station", "Equipment Disuse Rule for SHP Station", "Technical Specification for Energy-saving Reconstruction of SHP Power Grid" and "Design Guideline on Power System in Areas of Rural Hydropower", etc. A consensus of approval among the experts has been reached and the drafting group was required to make improvement based on the opinions of expert group and proceed to the next working stage as soon as possible. (2011-06-08)



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