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The First Plenary Session of the Third Staff Congress Held in HRC

   ---On 18th January, 2011, the First Plenary Session of the Third Staff' Congress was held in HRC. 27 staff representatives attended the meeting which was presided over by Mr. Xie Yiming, Vice-chairman of HRC's Trade Union.

   In Dec. 2010, with the view of the successful convening of the staff congress, HRC re-elected the third-term staff representatives in accordance with the Regulations on Democratic Administration in Zhejiang Province and the term of office of second staff representatives. 30 staff representatives were selected from 7 electoral districts.

   According to the conference agenda, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC, introduced the drafting background and policy basis for the compilation of Provisional Regulation on Income of NRIRE Staff, interpreted the main content, and answered the question that staff representatives put forward. At the conference, the Provisional Regulation on NRIRE Staff Income was adopted after the vote.

   Director Ms. Cheng Xialei informed representatives of the compiling situation of HRC's 12th Five-Year Program (discussion draft) in terms of the preface, the basic situation, strategic analysis, development goal, strategy implementation, risk and guarantee of implementation and strategic vision, etc. (2011-01-28)



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