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Promotion Conference for Clean Energy Development in Macedonia Held Successfully

   ---On March 4, 2010, the Promotion Conference for Clean Energy Development in Macedonia was held successfully in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Under the co-sponsorships of the Chinese Embassy in Macedonia and the Ministry of Economy of Macedonia, this significant event was conducted by HRC with Sinosteel Tiancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co. Ltd. (briefed as Sinosteel Tiancheng) as the co-organizer.

   Mr. Dong Chunfeng, the Chinese Ambassador in Macedonia and Mr. Fatmir Besimi, the Minister of Economy of Macedonia were present at the opening ceremony and respectively delivered speeches, and Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC was seated together. Up to 100 delegates from Macedonia attended this conference. Tens of press agencies including TV, broadcasting, newspaper etc. came for interviews, and at the night local TVs reported this activity. News has also been timely released on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce of China.

   At the conference, Director Cheng Xialei, Mr. Lin Ning and Mr. Xu Wei, the deputy General Managers of HRC's affiliated Hangzhou Yatai Hydro Equipment Completing Co., Ltd., presented "SHP Development and Rural Electrification in China", "Development and Application of Chinese SHP Equipment", and "Technology of Renewable Energy and Micro Hydro Power". The introduction of solar energy technology was made by Mr. Liu Xuefeng, General Manager of East China Branch of Sinosteel Tiancheng. The current situation and demand on the local development of small hydropower and solar power were introduced by 4 Macedonian experts. After the presentations, participates were divided into two groups, i.e. "Hydropower" and "Solar Power" for diversified and in-depth technical exchanges and discussions on potential projects. Three Macedonian hydropower engineers who ever attended HRC's international training workshops also helped to organize the conference.

   The conference was proven to be a full success and the Ambassador Dong addressed in his speech like this, "Hangzhou Regional Center (Asia-Pacific) for Small Hydro Power, has rich experience in international cooperation for small hydropower and solar power, as well as equipment supply. The conference aims to present an overview to Macedonia, about China's capability on technical advancement and equipment manufacturing in small hydropower and solar power. We would like to explore cooperation opportun'ities for private investors and governmental departments between both two countries, and to make contribution to the development of clean energy industry in Macedonia."

   HRC attached great importance to this conference. Director Cheng Xialei and Deputy Director Xu Jincai also instructed the preparatory work, and Hangzhou Yatai Hydro Equipment Completing Co., Ltd. provided sufficient inputs to support the smooth implementation of the conference. (2010-03-08)

Ms. Cheng Xialei, Mr. Fatmir Besimi and Mr. Dong Chunfeng (from left to right)

Mr. Sun Liwei, the Counselor (the 3rd from the left) and the Director General of Energy Department, Macedonian Ministry of Economy (the 4th from the left)

Interview of the local press

A presentation delivered by Ms. Cheng Xialei

A presentation delivered by Mr. Lin Ning

A presentation delivered by Mr. Xu Wei


Discussion on hydropower

Discussion on solar energy

Group photo with old trainees of HRC in Macedonia



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