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Meeting of Standard Compilation Project Leaders Held by HRC

   ---On Dec 6 2010, presided over by Chief of Division of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, the meeting attended by leaders of standard compilation projects was held in HRC. At the meeting, Director Cheng Xialei conveyed the spirit of National Working Conference on Technical Supervision of Water Resources and organized the participants to earnestly learn the important speech given by Vice Minister of Water Resources Mr. Hu Siyi and the working report made by Director General of International Cooperation & Science-Technology Department of MWR, Mr. Gao Bo. Also, participants of the meeting took this chance to learn the Detailed Management Rules for Standard Compilation and Revision Projects of Hydraulic Technology promulgated by MWR and Administrative Regulations on Standard Compilation promulgated by HRC. HRC's Division Chief Mr. Li Zhiwu informed the participants of the standard compilation stage at present and specified the compilation and expenditure progress. He also required the project leaders to strictly implement the relevant management regulations of standard compilation and to complete the tasks on schedule with quality assurance.

   At present, 20 standards which are under compilation of HRC are in progress as scheduled. (2010-12-10)



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