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2010 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Developing Countries Concluded

   ---On July 7, 2010, 28 days of 2010 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Developing Countries was concluded smoothly. The grand closing ceremony was held in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere in the Conference Hall at Ruidi Hotel with the attendance of 30 participants from 13 developing countries of Africa including Botswana and Zimbabwe. Director of HRC Mrs. Cheng Xialei, Honorary Director Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang, Deputy Director of National Research Institute for Rural Electrification Mr. Xu Jincai and Chief of foreign affairs and training division Mr. Pan Daqing attended the closing ceremony.

   Director of HRC Mrs. Cheng Xialei firstly gave a speech; she made a brief summary of this seminar such as curriculum design, study tours, and country report presentation, then expressed her sincere gratitude to the three monitors who have made contribution to the class communication and organization. In her speech, Director Cheng said that as "the family of SHP in the world", HRC is willing and has the ability to provide service for rural electrification and SHP development in developing countries, and would appreciate it if the participants could play a more active role in the development of rural electrification in their respective country while keeping close contact with HRC, and working on a win-win situation. Thereafter, Honorary Director Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang expressed his congratulations to the participants in completing all the courses successfully, and hoped that they gain knowledge, self-confidence through the study, thus playing a more important role in small hydropower and rural electrification development in their respective country.

   Monitor Raphael from Zimbabwe made a speech on behalf of all the participants. First he expressed his sincere gratitude to the Chinese government for giving them such a good opportunity, and gave his thanks to the leaders and the staff of HRC. In his speech he mentioned that in the 28 days during the seminar all the participants not only had a pleasant stay in China, but also learned a lot of knowledge about small hydro power, wind power and solar power, which is of great help for their respective country's rural electrification development. He firmly believes that the good relationship between China and African countries will go on generation after generation, hoping that HRC will provide more consulting and technical services. They'll maintain close contact with HRC to promote further cooperation.

   Next is the ceremony of certificates distribution. All the participants are grateful to get the certificates issued by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Division Mr. Pan presented three exquisite gifts to the three monitors to thank them for their efforts of coordination. Meanwhile, HRC had prepared for each participant a large capacity disk, containing all the participants' information, teaching materials, country report, photos and Chinese classical music.

   Memories of study tours to China's wind power companies and hydropower equipment manufacturers, various types of power plants including the Three Gorges project and visiting Shanghai's expo, driving along the world's longest bridge across the sea and so on will be deeply engraved in the mind of every participant.

   Some participants commented in their reports:

   "I was much impressed by the level of professionalism shown by all lecturers. They were so dedicated and mastered so well their subjects that it was a real pleasure to follow such instructive classes."

   "The most exciting moment of this seminar was obviously the visit to the Three Gorges Power Station. I would have never imagined that once in my lifetime, I would be able to stare at one of the greatest state of the art man-made achievement. When I think about it, I just could not realize how lucky I am and how amazing this achievement is!"

   "I learned a lot from the seminar on ways a country can turn around the existing natural resources by pulling together for the benefit of its inhabitants."(2010-07-13)



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