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National Rural Hydropower Symposium Held in Nanning (2008-12-31)
Address at the Inaugural Ceremony of SHP Special Committee of China Society of Hydroelectric Engineering-By Li Jugen (2008-12-29)
Address at the Inaugural Ceremony of SHP Special Committee of China Society of Hydroelectric Engineering-By Hu Siyi (2008-12-24)
SHP Special Committee of China Society of Hydroelectric Engineering Set up in Hangzhou (2008-12-19)
Leaders from the Bureau of Rural Hydropower and Electrification Development Gave Advice to HRC's Research Project for Public Benefit (2008-12-19)
Regulation on Installation and Operation of Leakage Protector in Rural Areas Passed First-round Acceptance (2008-12-18)
Retired Staff of HRC Congregated in Celebration of Gold and Diamond Wedding Anniversary (2008-12-12)
Five tasks assigned to HRC (2008-12-12)
HRC's Winter Racing around the West Lake (2008-11-28)
A Panel of Experts from Institute of Water Resources Research in Pastoral Area Visited HRC (2008-11-11)
A Panel of Experts from IN-SHP Visited HRC (2008-11-11)
HRC delegate attended "Management of Hydro Power Development and Use 2008" in Sweden (2008-11-10)
3rd and 4th Training Workshop 2008 on Safety Supervisor of Rural Hydropower System Concluded with Success (2008-11-03)
World Bank Expert Visited HRC (2008-10-31)
Conference on Dam Safety Management held in Nanjing (2008-10-28)
Attending luncheon given by the President of Pakistan (2008-10-21)
Photos de la formation pour les pays francophones africains (2008-10-10)
HRC Expert invited to 2008 Forum on China's Energy and Resources Issue (2008-10-08)
HRC Attended Core Journal Symposium (2008-10-08)
2008 SHP Training Workshop for Africa Concluded with Success (2008-09-27)
Clôture de la formation de PCHE pour l'Afrique (2008-09-26)
SHP Mission by HRC Specialists in Kenya Concluded (2008-08-11)
HRC Delegate Attended Forum on New and Renewable Energy (2008-08-04)
Opinion Soliciting Draft of Technical Standards Completed by HRC (2008-08-04)
SHC of CSHE Set up (2008-08-04)
CDM Projects Development in Hydropower Pubilished (2008-08-04)
Thoughts on Zaragoza Expo 2008 by Cheng Xialei (2008-07-30)
Aperçu sur le projet de la formaton en français de HRC 2008 (2008-07-18)
Photo Collection of SHP training (2008-06-30)
2008 SHP Training Workshop Concluded (2008-06-27)
Donation by 2008 International SHP training Participants
Boundless Love----Donation by International SHP Participants (2008-05-27)
HRC Ready for the disaster relief & reconstruction (2008-05-20)
2008 Training Workshop on SHP Opens (2008-05-15)
Second workshop on SHP CDM project capacity building kicked off at HRC (2008-05-06)
Remote metering and monitoring system accepted (2008-04-29)
Turkish Customer Visited HRC (2008-04-29)
China has combed out 3415 illegal rural hydropower stations of various types for the past 5 years (2008-04-25)
Philippines Guests Visited Our Center (2008-04-24)
HRC Delegate Attended the Follow-up Training Seminar (2008-04-21)
Participation in International Conference about "Hydel Power Development in Pakistan" (2008-03-31)
Taierzhuang Pumping Station was Honored with the Title "Civilization Worksite" (2008-03-28)
The Result of "Sustainable SHP Development Study in China" Has Passed Experts'Evaluation (2008-03-18)
China's Rural Hydropower Installed Capacity will add 4 million kW this year (2008-02-21)
Turkey Guests visited HRC (2008-02-19)
Vice Minister Ms Zhou Ying Inspected HRC (2008-01-30)
Summary & Commending Meeting Held (2008-01-30)
HRC Held Spring Festival Party of 2008 (2008-01-29)
The leaders of HRC greeted retired staff for Spring Festival (2008-01-29)
US Guests Visited HRC (2008-01-21)
Guests from Turkey Visiting HRC (2008-01-15)
3 Contracts Awarded After A Visit (2008-01-11)
Climbing competition orgnized (2008-01-10)
2007 Training on Hydropower Safety Supervision concluded (2007-12-03)
Cooperative agreements reached between HRC & ORENCO (2007-12-03)
The 1st CDM Capacity-building Training Course for SHP Successfully Concluded (2007-11-06)
South-South Cooperation Seminar Held at Hangzhou (2007-11-06)
Customers from Turkey Visited HRC (2007-10-31)
HRC participant attended "Management of Hydropower Development 2007" (2007-10-09)
La clôture avec pein succès du Stage de 2007 sur la technique des petites centrales hydroéléctriques pour les pays africains (2007-09-27)
Ouverture officielle du stage 2007 pour l'Afrique sur les petites centrales hydro-électriques (2007-08-17)
New Contracts Awarded for SHP Equipment Export (2007-07-31)
HRC's another training workshop opened (2007-07-13)
French Officials Visit HRC (2007-07-13)
Another Contract of SHP Equipment for Peru (2007-07-11)
HRC's CDM project successfully registered (2007-07-09)
The United Nations Asian and Pacific Center for Agricultural Engineering and Machinery (APCAEM) Visited HRC (2007-06-27)
International Trainees Enable the Export of Equipment (2007-06-27)
2007 Training Workshop on Small Hydropower Successfully Concluded (2007-06-26)
Vice Minister Hu Siyi Inspected HRC (2007-06-21)
2007 Training Workshop on Small Hydro Power Opened (2007-05-17)
Senior Vice President of TIS Visited HRC (2007-05-15)
Report on the Training Workshop on SHP for Mongolia (2007-05-08)
Photo news of 2007 SHP Training Workshop For Mongolia (2007-04-26)
SHP Training Workshop for Mongolia Successfully Concluded (2007-04-25)
SHP Training Workshop for Mongolia Opened (2007-04-12)
HRC Delegate Attended the Follow-up Training Seminar of 2006 Management of Hydropower Development (2007-04-12)
HRC's Design Institute Signed Contract with Vietnam (2007-03-26)
HRC's Project has Passed Acceptance (2007-03-26)
Short Term Training Courses in India(PDF) (2007-03-05)
A Summary of 2006 SHP Training Workshop (2007-02-14)
HRC's training program for 2007 (2007-02-13)
Photo news of 2006 SHP Training Workshop (2006-12-26)
Training Course on SHP Concluded Successfully (2007-02-09)
A Joyful New Year's Eve Party (2007-01-05)

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