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Owners From Peru Visiting HRC

   ---From 28 September to 1 November, a group of Peruvian guests headed by Mr. Alvarado, General Director of Electric Power Company of Peru, paid a visit to HRC. The guests are the owners of hydropower equipment being supplied by HRC.

   Accompanied by HRC's project members, they visited the manufacturers¡ªLinhai Machinery Works and Zhejiang Linhai Electric Machinery Co., LTD., to view the production condition of the equipment, and they were very satisfied with the production schedule and the production capacity of the factories. During this period, HRC also arranged the visit to Tangpu Power Station, and they expressed keen interest in the control system provided by HRC, which has been initially decided as the next-step item of the cooperation. Through the exchange, both sides strengthened the trust to each other, and looked forward to the cooperative prospect with full confidence. (2006-10-24)




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