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"Training Workshop on SHP" Opens (2006-12-21)
Two Seminars Completed at HRC (2006-12-15)
Photos News of the two seminars (2006-12-11)
Opening Speech by the Office of Foreign Affairs of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government (2006-12-06)
Opening Speech from The Department of International Cooperation, Science & Technology, MWR (2006-12-05)
Two Seminars for Cambodia Opens by HRC (2006-11-27)
HRC's newly revised textbook published (2006-11-21)
Owners From Peru Visiting HRC (2006-11-03)
International Conference on Hydropower Held in Kunming (2006-10-26)
HRC delegate attended "Management of Hydro Power Development 2006" in Sweden (2006-10-24)
HRC Provides Equipments to Turkish Basaran Power Plant (2006-09-30)
HRC's Retired Leader Mr. Shen Lunzhang Awarded "2005 Hangzhou Excellent Resident" (2006-09-28)
HRC Provides Electro-Mechanical Equipment for Peru (2006-09-27)
Leaders from Ministry of Water Resources Inspecting HRC (2006-09-21)
MWR Appoints Mr.Zhang as Director of NHRI (2006-08-21)
HRC's CDM SHP Project Approved by China's National Development & Reform Commission (2006-08-21)
TEAM Company of Thailand Visiting HRC (2006-08-07)
New Hydropower Stations to be Built in Vietnam (2006-08-04)
2006 Hydropower Training Workshop for Central Asia Closed (in Russian) (2006-07-05)
2006 Hydropower Training Workshop for Central Asia Opens (in Russian) (2006-05-26)
Expert from Sudan Revisited HRC (2006-04-30)
2006 TCDC Training Workshop to be Run (2006-04-18)
HRC's expert attended project appraisal of " Management of Hydro Power Development 2005, Part II " in Vietnam (2006-04-17)
Vice Minister Visited HRC (2006-04-03)
HRC's expert attended the 4th World Water Forum (2006-04-03)
Leaders from Department of Aid to Foreign Countries Visiting HRC (2006-03-14)
Hangzhou, our dream city forever! (2006-02-09)
HRC's Annual Report for 2005 and the Working Plan for 2006 (2006-02-06)
Operation Training for Participants from Cuba Closed (2005-12-30)
Leaders from Ministry of Water Resources to HRC (2005-12-29)
HRC Exporting Equipment to Vietnam (2005-12-08)
NHRI Leaders Visiting HRC (2005-12-08)
Lao Guest Visiting HRC (2005-12-08)
A Summary of 2005 SHP Training Workshop for Asia-Pacific Countries (2005-12-05)
Presentation at the Closing Ceremony of TCDC Training Workshop on SHP for Asia-Pacific November 28, 2005 (2005-12-05)
Chile guest visit HRC (2005-11-15)
German Guest Visit HRC (2005-11-10)
2005 SHP Training Workshop Opens (2005-10-21)
2005 SHP training for African Participants Closed (2005-09-30)
2005 SHP Training Workshop for African Countries Opens (2005-09-02)
Conference held for discussing ecological impact of water project (2005-08-09)
My Experience in China (2005-08-08)
Preparation for the Two International Training Workshops on SHP under Way (2005-07-20)
Introduce SHP in China to Rwandan Ambassador (2005-06-30)
Inspection to HRC's Yatai Supervision & Consultation Co Ltd (2005-06-30)
2005 NHRI International Water Science Summer Campers Visited HRC (2005-06-29)
HRC's staff conferred as a member of "State Turbine Standard Technical Committee" (2005-06-09)
Japanese guest visits HRC (2005-06-09)
Pakistan Guest Visit HRC (2005-06-07)
HRC's SHP Consultation Mission in Rwanda (2005-05-31)
Indian Guest Inquires 2005 International SHP Training (2005-05-24)
Ms. Cheng Xialei, deputy director of HRC participating the "Energy-Poverty Workshop" held in Cambodia and delivering a presentation (2005-05-09)
SHP replacing fuel project must be owed by the state (2005-04-27)
Guests from South Africa paid visit to HRC (2005-03-28)
Mr. Hansen, WB consultant Visiting HRC (2005-03-09)
HRC's Annual Report for 2004 (2005-02-04)
2004 TCDC Special Report (2005-02-04)
Official from MOFCOM Visited HRC (2005-01-24)
Project Bidding News from Ethiopia (2005-01-18)
Letter to the Editor (2005-01-18)
Indian guest visit HRC (2005-01-18)
Hangzhou R & D Grand Hotel Opens for Business (2005-01-17)
Sudanese Expert Visited HRC (2005-01-17)
2004 HRC Annual Summing-up Meeting Held (2005-01-14)
Vice Minister Suo Lisheng inspected HRC (2005-01-14)
Mr.Bryce paid a visit to HRC (2004-12-20)
Mr.Taylor with IT Power paid visits to HRC (2004-12-13)
Bidding for Supervision on Diaoliang Reclamation Project Won (2004-12-13)
2004 TCDC Training Workshop on SHP Equipment Closed (2004-11-23)
A table tennis match conducted (2004-11-22)
Participants of 2004 Training Workshop on SHP Equipment conducted study tour in SHP stations and manufacturers etc (2004-11-09)
United Nations Symposium on Hydropower and Sustainable Development concluded in Beijing (2004-10-31)
"Updated SHP Training Material" to be published (2004-10-31)
HRC's "Medium & Small Pumped Storage Power Plant" R+D Project Awarded 2004 Dayu Hydropower Science & Technology Prize (2004-10-22)
HRC's Hangzhou Yatai Supervision & Consultation Co. Ltd Gains Grade A Certificate(2004-10-22)
Report on the Development and Major Issues of the Small Hydro Power in Southeast Asia Completed (2004-10-22)
2004 TCDC SHP Training Workshop Opened (2004-10-12)
HRC's Research Item "CDM Implementation for SHP Projects in China" Launched (2004-09-01)
Achievement scored for the Sino-Vietnamese cooperative project (2004-09-01)
Entrusted by the World Bank to Implement A Consultation on Private Investment in SHP in Yunnan Province (2004-07-30)
Preparation for 2004 Training Workshop on SHP Equipment Underway (2004-07-19)
Department Director from MWR inspected HRC (2004-07-16)
SHP Periodical donated to the She Ethnic Minority County (2004-06-30)
United Nations Symposium on Hydropower and Sustainable Development to be held late October in Beijing (2004-06-30)
Dragon-boat Festival Gala (2004-06-24)
2004 International Conference on Promoting Advanced Water Technology concluded successfully (2004-05-13)
Heated Atmosphere at the Conference (2004-05-12)
2004 International Conference on Promoting Advanced Water Technology inaugurated in Hangzhou (2004-05-11)
Supervision & Consultation Co. Ltd. has Won a Bidding (2004-04-13)
The 5th Conference of Zhejiang Provincial Society of Hydroelectric Engineering Held in Hangzhou (2004-04-13)
2004 TCDC Training Workshop on SHP Equipment to Be Conducted in Autumn (2004-04-13)
Austrian Guests Visit HRC (2004-04-02)
Notice on 2004 Promotion Conference of International Advanced Water Technology (2004-03-29)
The Electro-mechanical Design for Dray H'linh Hydropower Station in Vietnam----to be undertaken by Yatai Planning & Design Institute (2004-03-29)
The MWR's Key Scientific and Technical Project Called "Development on Medium and Small-sized Water Pumped Storage Plant" Passed Appraisal (2004-03-29)
Journalists of China Central Television channel 9 (International) came to HRC to interview on the development status of SHP in China () (2004-03-07)
Five Significant Points of ¡°SHP (Small Hydropower) Replacing Firewood¡± Ecological Protection Project (2004-03-07)
ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certificate Awarded (2004-03-05)
Seminar on Financing CDM Projects in China conducted (2004-02-27)
"SHP (Small Hydropower) Replacing Firewood" Project Launched in China (2004-02-24)
"Small Hydro Power for Firewood" Ecological Protection Project Initiated, Kindling Another Bright Spot of Hydro Construction (2004-02-24)
The 8th Annual Meeting on South-South Cooperation conducted (2004-01-13)
Work meeting on human resource development & cooperation to foreign countries was conducted (2003-12-31)
On-site Examination & Approval Undertaken at HRC for ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification (2003-12-18)
A Milestone in International Training on SHP---2003 SHP Training Workshop Completed
2003 TCDC International Training Workshop on SHP Concluded (2003-11-25)
Participants of 2003'TCDC Training Workshop on SHP completed a site study trip (2003-11-05)
Germany guests visited HRC (2003-11-05)
Table tennis match held in HRC (2003-11-03)
HRC signed SHP equipment contract with Vietnam (2003-11-03)
The 2003 International SHP Training Workshop opened (2003-10-14)
The 3rd-class 2003 Dayu Award goes to "SHP (small hydropower) Unmanned Control System" Project in Water Science Field (2003-10-13)
Talk on Cooperation with the World Bank Officials (2003-09-15)
Indian Guest Visited NHRI (2003-08-23)
Indian Guests visited HRC (2003-08-21)
Guests from TEPIA Group Visited HRC (2003-08-15)
HRC expert completed SHP site trip in Mongolia (2003-08-05)
Further Cooperation between HRC and Powerbase (2003-07-30)
HRC will Send Expert to Mongolia to Assist SHP Station Construction (2003-06-24)
Mr. Zhang visited HRC (2003-05-22)
Long-Term Sino-Vietnamese SHP Cooperative Project Approved (2003-04-25)
Australian Mr.Polglase Visited HRC (2003-04-18)
Ecuadoran Guests Visited HRC (2003-03-25)
Minister Wang Shucheng paying a cordial visit to the expert's delegation (2003-03-25)
Ms. Cheng Xialei participating in the Third World Water Forum (2003-03-25)
China launches "Small Hydropower for Fuel" Ecological Protection Project (2003-03-18)
Hydropower installed capacity in rural areas increased by 1.88 GW last year (2003-03-18)
Two Specialists of HRC to Cuba for Guiding the Equipment Installation (2003-02-28)
New progress in science and technology cooperation between China and Vietnam (2003-02-19)
Vietnamese delegation visited HRC (2003-02-19)
2003 TCDC Training Workshop on Small Hydro Power To Be Conducted in May-June (2003-01-16)
Key Fund Project <R+D Project for Medium and Small Pumped Storage> Passed Checking (2003-01-16)
Two "948" projects were passed checking (2002-12-20)
Two fund projects were passed checking (2002-12-19)
Indian Guest Visited HRC (2002-12-10)
2002 TCDC Training Workshop on Small Hydro Power Closed (2002-11-20)
SHP Forum Conducted (2002-11-15)
The World Bank Official Visited HRC (2002-11-13)
Korean Guests Visited HRC (2002-11-12)
Get-together & Award-giving in HRC (2002-11-12)
Dr. Chen Delivered a Presentation in Thailand (2002-10-29)
Table Tennis Competition between International Trainees & HRC Staff (2002-10-25)
SHP Cooperation with Vietnamese (2002-10-24)
Dr.Alex. Tseng of CRENCO, USA visited HRC (2002-10-23)
UN Secretary General Praised Hydropower (2002-10-16)
2002 SHP Training Workshop Opened (2002-10-15)

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