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The 8th Annual Meeting on South-South Cooperation conducted
   --- The 8th Annual Meeting on China¡¯s South-South Cooperation was conducted in 4-6 Jan in Kunming. HRC¡¯s deputy director, Ms. Cheng and HRC¡¯s training coordinator Mr.Pan went to participate. In all 32 delegates from 16 member organizations attended.

   Chief of China¡¯s South-South Division, Mr. Zhao presented the report of ¡°Strengthen China¡¯s South-South Cooperation Network to Promote its Development¡±, briefing the status of China¡¯s South-South Cooperation development. During the meeting, the following four items were discussed:

   1. The resource advantage of China¡¯s South-South Cooperation Network;
   2. The strategy of developing China¡¯s South-South Cooperation Network in the new situation and South-South Cooperation modality;
   3. The ways to strengthen the cooperation between China¡¯s South-South Cooperation Network and the related institutions in the developing countries;
   4. The work plan for 2004.

   HRC submitted the report of ¡°SHP International Cooperation: An Important Part of South-South Cooperation. (2004-01-13)


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