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Letter to the Editor
   ---The Editor
   SHP News
   HRC, China.

Dear Sir
   I will be delighted if you could offer me a space in your quarterly publication (SHP NEWS) to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude, firs to my employer, National Electric Power Authority ( Nigeria) for giving me the opportunity to be in China as a participant for the 2004 TCDC International training Workshop on Small Hydro Power and Equipment at HRC. My Sincere appreciation also goes to the Government of the people's republic of China by her mutual thinking to provide financial support to this Center, through the China Ministry of Water Resource and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, to be organizing this International workshop since 20 years ago.

   I will not forget to mention the eminent financial support given by the UNDP, UNIDO since establishment of this Center in 1981. I hope they will give more support to the Center, because the world community especially the developing countries will never forget the important role HRC played in providing technical information on small hydropower design which now leads to finding solution to the rural electrification problems in the developing nations. People says seeing is believing who ever is opportune to attend this international training will believe me that China has made a tremendous progress in the area of small hydro, how ever China being No.1 in the world in small hydro power development is not just by chance I will repeat once again seeing is believing.

   During the training workshop I was highly impress with the lectures delivered by both the HRC engineers and the invited guest lecturers, also the facilities in placed for the training are relatively ok for such a training, the study tour is well organized, we have received a warm welcome by all the small hydro power stations visited, plant and electrical manufacturers, I want to be specific here the CHINT electrical and equipment manufacture deserve a credit for their kind gesture.

   A credit marks also goes to all HRC staff especially the coordinators in person of Mr Pan Daqing, Ms Shen Xuequn, Mr Wuhao is not left behind he gave us a company all the time, the HRC Deputy Director Ms Cheng Xialei which despite of her official commitment also traveled with us during the study tour and then the chief overall coordinator, the Director HRC, Mr Chen ShengShui. In conclusion I congratulate HRC for the successfull coordination of 2004 TCDC international training workshop, the course is not only a medium for information exchange between China and the developing countries, but also it enhance cordial relationship/friendship among the developing countries, the participant and the entire Chinese community.

Mamuda Abdullahi
National Electric Power Authority
Cooperate Headquarters,Nigeria Nov.,11,2004 (2005-01-18)



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