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Hangzhou, our dream city forever!

    ---Time passed so quickly during the training in Hangzhou, which only covered a period of 40 days. However, to all the participants for the international training on SHP held in HRC, it was really a nice beautiful time, not only making them feel at home, but also giving them the happiest moment and the most unforgettable memories. Highly appreciating and deeply impressed by the real China and the picturesque city, the friends from various countries all over the world paid a charming compliment ------ Hangzhou, our dream city forever!

    During the Chinese Spring Festival, far away from China, Mr. Yeptho, an official with Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd., was kept extremely busy, but he'd like to send the best wishes for a new year to all HRC staff and his friends in Hangzhou.

    "Hangzhou, our dream city forever!" ------ Mr. Yeptho, the monitor from India, together with the other 29 participants from other 15 countries, inclusive of Angola, Mexico, Belarus, Turkey, etc., came all the way to Hangzhou last year for attending 2005 International Training Course on Small Hydropower, held by Hangzhou Regional Center (Asia-Pacific) for Small Hydropower (HRC). However, so far, all of them have kept thinking fondly of Hangzhou. The stay of 40 days in Hangzhou, was "the happiest moment" and gave them "the most unforgettable memories".

    "The training program was definitely the world class with highly customized subject methods fitting each and every participant from different background. The training program was professionally managed with well balanced course materials, time distributions and other curricular activities", Mr. Yeptho addressed at the closing ceremony on behalf of all the participants.

    What Mr. Yeptho mentioned was true in fact. In order to make the training course more characteristic, HRC has spared no effort to well organize it. The perfect combination of theory and practice brought fruitful results to the participants.

    During the period of studying in a "Paradise on Earth", the participants also enjoyed very much the experience for strolling in the city at their leisure time, appreciating the exotic scenery and getting to know more about the long history and the profound culture of the country. They never felt tired of sightseeing around the pretty West Lake and were always amazed at the picturesque sceneries, the green hills and the crystal serene waters. They also had a lot of fun to left happy footprints in ancient Qinghefang Street, Meijiawu Tea Village and the Silk Museum, etc. In addition, at the invitation of Mr. Zhao Jianda, one of HRC staff, some of the participants like Yeptho from India, Camilo from Ecuador, spent a delighting time in Mr. Zhao's house. On that day, they took dinner and had chats together with the Chinese family with great pleasure. Mr. Zhao also presented some pieces of the traditional "Chinese Knot" to the foreign friends as souvenir, in the center of which, the Chinese characterˇ°Ď˛ˇ± was of extreme interest to the visitors. Meanwhile, a detailed introduction on the marriage ceremony in China was thus made to the foreign friends who kept listening with rapture.

    "All of us felt at home during our stay in Hangzhou" ------ in the closing ceremony of the training course, Mr. Yeptho spoke all his impression of Hangzhou in one breath:

    It is a city of
----- Happiness
----- Prosperity
----- Love and caring
----- Greeneries and flower
----- Tea
----- Silk
----- Heritage
----- Good health
----- Young people
----- Romance
----- Pride and proud
----- Education
----- Business and Trading
----- Shopping
----- Electronic
----- Culture
----- Joy
----- Ever young
----- Beautiful people
    and so on.

    "In Hangzhou, we see with our own eyes a miniature of the real China", said the participants, "when we return to our countries, we will tell the realities and development of China to all the colleagues and relatives!"

    Written By D. Pan
    Translated by X. Shen

    ----Translated from Hangzhou Daily of 7 Feb 2006(2006-02-09)



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