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SHP Periodical donated to the She Ethnic Minority County
   ---Recently, over 1,300 pieces of "Small Hydropower"periodical to the value of more than RMB 10,000 yuan were given free by the SHP Editorial Office to the SHP Association in Jingning She Autonomous County, Zhejiang Province. The magazines are to be distributed to the owners of the 145 SHP stations in this county. On June 23, a letter of acknowledgement was not only sent to the SHP Editorial Office by the Jingning SHP Association, but also published in the local newspaper "She Town News" to show gratitude on behalf of all the SHP owners and professionals in the county.

    Honoured with the title of "Town of Small Hydropower in China", Jingning is very rich in water resources. The theoretical SHP potential in this county is 666.2 MW, with 530.4 MW as economically exploitable, which accounting for 1/10 of the total in Zhejiang Province. The SHP development has been undertaken to the rivers or tributaries in all the 24 towns under the county. By the end of 2003, 111 SHP stations had been built, with the total installed capacity of more than 180 MW. There are 69 SHP projects still under construction or to be built.

    As the unique SHP professional periodical in China, the "Small Hydropower" insists on all along the principle of "combining the social benefits with the economic benefits", and keeps to the right editorial tenet and orientation, therefore it enjoys good reputation in the field of medium and small sized hydropower nationwide. Since 1997, selected as one of the "scientific and technical magazines to be donated to the poor areas" by the Poverty-Alleviation Office of the State Department, volumes of the "Small Hydropower" periodical, amounting to 6,000 pieces, have been distributed free to 62 poor counties lacking of electricity (including the 10 counties in Tibet to be aided by the Ministry of Water Resource, which are with water resources but with no power).

    The SHP Editorial Office further plans to donate, in near future, another amount of 600 "Small Hydropower" periodical to Taishun County, the only poor county in Zhejiang Province, which however, is abundant of water resources. (2004-06-30)


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