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New progress in science and technology cooperation between China and Vietnam
   --- On 15 Feb four experts from Vietnamese Ministry of Science & Technology, Vietnam National Institute of Water Resources and HPC came to visit HRC and planned to stay in HRC for 5 days. Discussions between the Chinese and Vietnamese sides have been made for the science and technology cooperation which is in the framework of science and technology cooperation between the two countries. The cooperation as jointly approved by the two ministries of science & technology in the two countries included:

    1.Study and exchange of policies and experience in SHP exploitation, development of rural economy and poverty-relieve etc.
    2.Investigation and appraisal of the present SHP development in Vietnam, recommendations of appropriate development modes.
    3.Development of SHP automatic controlling equipment and software appropriate for the actual situation in Vietnam, including station computer and PLC software.
    4.Establishment of a pilot lab of automatic control in HPC.
    5.Establishment of a pilot SHP station for high and low voltage automatic control system for wider application.

    During the implementation of the project, both sides agree that it is necessary to resume the application for long-term cooperation. The Ministry of Science & Technology of Vietnam has approved the plan and budget of the long-term cooperation project. HPC is actively preparing for the establishment of the automatic lab which is to be supplied by HRC in terms of technology and equipment. Meanwhile, HPC will equip the pilot SHP station at Cam Son with the main equipment from China and the automatic system developed and supplied by HRC. That will be the first unmanned SHP station adopting the Chinese automatic technology and also the pilot engineering project of the science and technology cooperation between the two countries.(2003-02-19)

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