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2004 International Conference on Promoting Advanced Water Technology concluded successfully
   ---The 2004 International Conference on Promoting Advantaged Water Technology is concluded successfully today, which has evoked wide repercussions for its fruitful results in strengthening the water technology exchange and cooperation. All the participants are deeply impressed by the face-to-face communion, which favors the relationship between high-tech enterprises and the users at home and abroad. It is much expected that such an effective way of exchange could be adopted in the conferences of similar nature in future.

    During the followed expert meeting, quite a number of good suggestions and comments have been put forward by the experts, who also take this conference for a new and fresh event thanks to the active participation, the numerous new technologies as well as the face-to-face communion. It is suggested that the future promoting conference should take more advantage of the internet, so as to release ahead more relevant information, and enable more experts and users to review the new technology & products concerned.

    After the conference, according to both the comments of the experts and the feedback from the delegates, a guidance catalog of advanced water technology will be made out for the purpose as an important reference for MWR to implement the program on introducing the advanced water technology. (2004-05-13)

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