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Operation Training for Participants from Cuba Closed

    ---With the aid from the Chinese government, Corojo and Mao hydropower stations of Cuba with 2กม1000kW installed capacity respectively, implemented by HRC, have already entered the installment stage.

    In order to guarantee the smooth working and convenient maintenance of both these hydropower stations after being putting into operation, according to the foreign aid contract, HRC has conducted the operation training lasting nearly 40 days for five skilled staff dispatched by the Cuban side. HRC arranged the training courses for these participants respectively from the following aspects: basic theory, explanation of power station design drawing, field work, study tours (visiting the power station and equipment manufacturers) and so on. Through this training, Cuban participants basically have grasped the knowledge on the field of hydropower, which builds the foundation for successful operation and maintenance of their own power stations; meanwhile it is a rare chance to promote mutual understanding and friendship between HRC and Cuban side.(2005-12-30)



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