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HRC's Annual Report for 2004
   ---In response to "going global" approach and abiding by the principle of sustainable and coordinated development, much progress was scored in HRC's international SHP cooperation in 2004, particularly in terms of exploring and implementing concrete SHP engineering projects.

I. International SHP Cooperation

   1. Successful Implementation of 2004 TCDC Training Workshop on SHP Equipment
   The 2004 TCDC (Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries) Training Workshop on SHP Equipment was held from 12 Oct to 22 Nov 2004 by HRC. Attended in the workshop altogether 25 participants from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Oceania, with 17 participants from Africa.

   Apart from classroom presentations, study tours were arranged to Shaoxing, Shengzhou, Xinchang, Linhai, Wenzhou, Haiyan, Ningbo, Nanjing and Shanghai, where the participants felt to have benefited much. In Ningbo, they visited a pumped storage station with installed capacity of 80 MW designed by HRC. In Wenzhou, participants were excited to visit the big private company Chint Corporation Ltd which has been fast growing in the recent years. The company is listed No 1 so far in China in the production of low voltage electric equipment. Its production line is highly automatic. In Nanjing, participants paid visit to Tiexinqiao Hydraulic Experimental Base which is China's largest hydraulic experimental base. In Haiyan, participants were delighted to be able to visit one of China's nuclear power plants --- Qinshan Nuclear Power Company which is the first nuclear power station designed, constructed, tested and operated by the Chinese.

   During the training workshop, HRC provided a forum for the exchange of SHP experience and technology. The participants were earnest to offer their presentations.

   Apart from the training itself, many exchanges took place between HRC and participants. After going back, the participant from Rwanda reported to his organization which sent invitation to HRC for dispatching SHP specialists to conduct hydropower consultation mission and training in Rwanda, covering all the expenses. The participants from Tanzania were also active in coordinating the SHP and transmission engineering bidding between HRC and his own organization.

   2004 TCDC Training Workshop on SHP Equipment that HRC implemented was a success. At the closing ceremony, the monitor who was from Nigeria put it: "The methodology of teaching and instruction was excellent and the lectures gave their best in terms of knowledge and experience in their field of study."

   Around 60 SHP related training workshops have been conducted by HRC with the sponsorship from UNDP, ILO, UNIDO, ESCAP, FAO or China's MWR, MOFCOM, MOST and so on. Some 3000 participants including nearly 700 from 70 countries attended.

   2£®SHP Consultation Mission in Yunnan Entrusted by the World Bank
   Entrusted by the World Bank, HRC expert together with another expert from Denmark, provided SHP consultation service on the status, policy and regulations, pricing system and invest risks for private investment in medium and small hydropower stations. The boom of private investment in medium and small hydropower in Yunnan attracts more attention of the World Bank, which will play an active role in further development of hydropower in this province.

   3£®Completion of Refurbishing SHP Stations in Xinjiang by the World Bank
   Entrusted by the World Bank, HRC undertook feasibility study for a series of SHP stations in Xinjiang. Based on the investigation of over 20 SHP stations there, the feasibility study report was submitted to the World Bank.

   4£®Winning the Bidding for Taishir Project
   HRC won the bidding for electric part of Taishir project in Mongolia together with other organization in 2004. This is the first bidding project that HRC has won internationally since its establishment in 1981. Currently, the project has started and it laid a solid foundation for HRC's international SHP cooperation in future.

   5£®Agreement of SHP Cooperation with Peak Pacific
   An agreement was reached between HRC and Peak Pacific, a US company¡£HRC was to seek investment opportunities for medium and small hydropower development and provide consultation for such projects to be invested.

   6£®Contract Signed for Two SHP Stations in Vietnam
   The contract for HRC to design the two Vietnamese SHP stations was signed. The installed capacity of Dray H'linh was 2x8 MW and the other 2x4.5 MW. All the equipment needed would be from China. By the end of 2005 they are expected to operate.

   7£®On-site Testing and Training in Vietnam
   "SHP development and automation system" is a long-term cooperative project of science and technology between China and Vietnam. The 1st phase contract was signed in Jan 2003 between HRC and HPC that HRC provide automatic system (high voltage) equipment to HPC. In 2004 HRC sent a group of experts to Vietnam to complete the on-site testing and training. Next phase of cooperation was explored and planned. SHP was just started in Vietnam and there will be bright prospect in SHP market in Vietnam.

   8£®Undertaking Project of Pump Design in Uzbekistan
   HRC sent experts to Uzbekistan to provide on-site investigation service. The contract will be signed in 2005.

   9£®Second Phase in Providing Assistance for Moa and Corojo Projects in Cuba
   The Chinese Ministry of Commerce continued to entrust HRC to provide technical assistance in electric design and equipment supply as the second phase for Moa and Corojo projects in Cuba.

II. International Conferences & Other Activities

   1. Hosting 2004 Promotion Conference of International Advanced Water Technology
   In order to further strengthen the links between foreign high-tech water enterprises and their Chinese customers, and promote exchange of water technology between China and foreign countries, on May 2004 the Promotion Conference of International Advanced Water Technology was held under the auspice of Science and Technology Promotion Center, MWR. HRC hosted this conference in Hangzhou attracting 220 representatives. This technical get-together suitcases 50 techniques from 15 countries and regions, which are mainly related to water resources, water environment, flood control and drought mitigation etc., and 32 items were evaluated and categorized for technical import in 2005.

   2. Director Chen Shengshui Visiting Taiwan
   Dr. Chen Shengshui, Director of HRC paid a visit to Taiwan for technical exchange with his presentations on "SHP Technical Development and Experience in China" and "Case Study on Medium & Small-sized Hydropower Development in China"

   3. Participation in United Nations Symposium on Hydropower and Sustainable Development
   HRC's expert Mr. Zhao Jianda was invited for United Nations Symposium on Hydropower and Sustainable Development, on which he presented a paper called "Private Participation in Small Hydropower Development in China and Comparison with International Communities". This paper overviews the private enterprise investing in SHP domestically, analyzes similarities and differences between China and international communities, as well as the comparability and mutual referential values, and also it presents several particular issues in this regard.

   4. Supporting China International Water Resources and Hydropower Equipment Exposition
   As a promotion media, <Small Hydropower> sent a staff for joining China International Water Resources and Hydropower Equipment Exposition, a large-scale expo held in Beijing. On this expo, HRC, together with its periodical <Small Hydropower> got more popular to the water resources and hydropower circles, especially to equipment manufacturers and hydropower media professionals.

   5. Presenting on the Annual Meeting of Chinese TCDC/ECDC Network
   As a member of TCDC/ECDC Network in China, HRC sent staff to the annual meeting and presented a paper titled "International SHP Cooperation, An Important Part of TCDC/ECDC", and on the 9th annual meeting HRC's representative introduced means to explore for international SHP cooperative projects by means of hosting international SHP training workshops.

III. Publicity to Outside

   1. HRC Website
   HRC website has already been interlinked respectively with China Water Science Network (www.cws.net.cn), China Rural Hydropower and Electrification Info Network (www.shp.com.cn) and other key technical network in the fields of water resources and hydropower.

   This year 70 important news was edited, and among them 40 pieces was in English. 32 pieces were contributed to China Water Science Network, China Rural Hydropower and Electrification Info Network and China Water Resources News etc. Meanwhile, HRC network cooperated with China Water Science Network for delivering special reports on 2004 Promotion Conference of International Advanced Water Technology and the country reports of the 3rd World Water Forum.

   In 2004, 4 issues of English periodical <SHP News> were edited and distributed not only in the Mainland China, but also to 86 foreign countries and regions.

   2. Interviewed by CCTV-9
   CCTV International (Channel 9) sent its reporters to HRC for interviewing the SHP development in China, and also went to Liubaizhang SHP Station in Shitai County of Anhui Province for photograph and site interview. This interview emphasized the essential role that SHP plays to improve the rural eco-environment and the economic benefit. Furthermore, reporters visited local farmers, officials and schools and investigated the plantation resources there. This interview was broadcasted on CCTV News of that channel.

IV. Scientific Research

   1. The Book of <Rural Hydropower and Electrification in China> Published
   In order to further introduce the rural hydropower and electrification in China, and push forward the export of Chinese electromechanical equipment, HRC organized experts to compile a book titled "Rural Hydropower and Electrification in China" (English version) which was published by China Water Power Press in March 2004.

   2. Study Report on the SHP Development Situation and the Main Issues in Asia-Pacific Region Completed
   Based on the developing countries in Asia-Pacific region, this study report covered some developed countries in this region or other countries in the world as well. This study aimed to provide SHP decision makers an overall, informative and profound document for reference, and also offer some technical supports to China, other developing countries and even developed countries for a better cooperation and exchange, as well as provide international communities a comprehensive research material about the global SHP development.

V. Overseas Missions and Foreign Guests to HRC

   1. Overseas Missions by HRC

   1) At the request of the Ministry of Commerce, a delegation to Guyana from Feb. 24 to March 12, 2004 was organized by the Northern Exploration and Design Institute, CWE, for dealing with the penstock rehabilitation of MOCO-MOCO Hydropower Station. Mr. Huang Jianping, deputy chief engineer, took part in this mission. During their stay in Guyana, the experts visited the sites, analyzed the accident, exchanged the ideas and drew out a primary scheme.

   2) At the request of CNTIC Trading Co.Ltd., Mr. Wu Weiguo and other two experts joined the delegation to Uzbekistan during March 26-April 8, 2004, undertaking the project for refurbishing the pump station. The primary schemes on 5 stations of the first batch were worked out, and a memorandum for cooperation was signed.

   3) At the invitation of Third Power Company,Vietnam, and Dongfang Electric Corporation, Sichuan, Mr. Wu Weiguo and Mr. Lu Jianping paid a visit to Vietnam, aiming at reaching the agreement on equipment supply and technical service. The details on configuration and layout of the main equipment and the auxiliaries were discussed closely and the original design scheme made by the Vietnamese side was modified and optimized.

   4) At the invitation of VWIRR, Vietnam, a 3-member delegation headed by Dr. Xu Jincai, visited Vietnam from 3 to 14 August, 2004, implementing the long-term cooperative project on SHP automation. The on-site equipment test and technical training has been conducted, and the agreement for further cooperation was reached.

   5) At the invitation of Fuel and Energy Authority, Mongolia, Mr. Wu Weiguo and Mr. Lu Jianping, together with the members of COMCO, Beijing, went to Mongolia from 1 to 10 August, 2004, carrying out the technical negotiation and signing the contract for the construction of TAISHIR Hydropower Project, the bid of which had been won successfully with the joint efforts of HRC and COMCO. During the visit, the items concerning equipment supply and technical requirements were further clarified, the installation and layout of equipment were discussed and the commercial and technical agreements were signed.

   6) At the invitation of Fuel and Energy Authority, Mongolia, Mr. Wu Weiguo, along with the delegates of COMCO, paid a visit to Mongolia again from 8 to 16, Sept. 2004 for TAISHIR Hydropower Project. In addition to sign the commercial contract in due form, the two sides held discussions on electromechanical design, manufacture, equipment supply, transportation and installation, etc. The agreement was reached finally.

   2. Foreign Guests to HRC

   In 2004, HRC hosted 13 delegations of 59 overseas guests in total. The visits enhanced the mutual understanding and promoted the international SHP cooperation.

Main activity
Peninsula Technikon, South Africa
The two engineers who are now studying in Hohai University for master degree were participants of TCDC training workshop run by HRC years ago. They paid a visit to HRC again with pleasure.
Energy sectors in Switzerland and Hong Kong
To discuss the new technology and the potential for cooperation in the field of renewable energy
Energy sectors in Austrian
To learn more about HRC and the SHP development in China, focusing on the items concerning the electromechanical equipment, the electricity price, the water right, the nuclear power and the renewable energy, etc. The potential cooperation is expected.
Indian professor
To discuss about the presentation for the SHP international training course.
Peak Pacific Investment Co. Ltd., USA
To discuss the cooperation and investment in SHP.
American Journalist
To understand about the SHP development in China, and publish the article concerned.
13 countries
Oct. ¨C Nov.
To attend the 2004 TCDC Training Course on SHP Equipment.
Angola Electrical Corporation
To enhance the relationship, and hold the discussion on cooperation.
Blue Moon Fund, USA
To discuss the possibility for exploring the Indian and Brazilian MHP markets, setting up the joint venture and improving the local operating ability. The further plan is expected.
IT Power, UK
To discuss the cooperation on MHP equipment.
Powerbase, Canada
To discuss the technical items on the cooperative project.
APACE, Australia
To discuss the items on bilateral cooperation, and reach the agreement on training and information exchange.
Ministry of Electricity, Sudan
To discuss the items on SHP cooperation and technical training. A memorandum of Understanding for SHP development in Sudan was signed.

VI. Working Plan for 2005

   1. To apply and conduct the 2005 TCDC Training Course on SHP. Furthermore, one or two bilateral SHP training workshops are also highly expected.

   2. To carry out the research on the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) application in SHP. The project has been supported with the scientific fund set up by Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute.

   3. To dispatch a group of four SHP specialists to Rwanda for national energy planning and SHP consultation mission in late Feb 2005.

   4. To further promote the SHP international cooperation with Tanzania, Zambia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Canada, Cuba, and Indonesia, etc.

   5. To hold an international conference, focusing on the "Public & Private Financing in SHP development". HRC is in the process to get the sponsorship from World Bank and ESCAP.

   6. To publish <Introduction to SHP Development in Asia-Pacific> in English. The book introduces objectively SHP resources, exploitation, issues, solutions, economic development and electrification in particular for the developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It will provide the valuable and prospective reference in detail for decision-makers of energy especially renewable energy in the region.

   7. To continuously make full use of the SHP-internet resources. In 2005, HRC will contact participants who have ever attended the previous SHP Training workshops in HRC, and invite them to act as the reporters for the column of global SHP Forum to be added in the HRC-internet homepage with the aim to promote the international SHP cooperation and development. (2005-02-04)



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