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Vietnamese delegation visited HRC
   --- A Vietnamese delegation of 9 members headed by Mr.Hoang Van Thang, Vice Director of Vietnam National Institute of Water Resources, Director of Hydro Power Center, visited HRC in 14-16 Feb.

    The members included the construction machinery and construction & import+export companies which belong to the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction. These two are the main companies engaged in the medium and small hydro power construction in Vietnam. The objectives of the visit were to understand more about the technology and experience of SHP exploitation in China and hold discussion on the hydro power construction in Vietnam and the SHP cooperation in with the Chinese side. After the visit to the SHP stations desigened and equipped with the automation equipment developed by HRC, the general managers of the two companies and other Vietnamese guests were surprised and praised that China's SHP design was simplified with advanced automatic technology. They mentioned that before leaving Vietnam they were wondering whether they'd adopt the European or Chinese SHP equipment. Now they could decide they should buy the Chinese SHP equipment and automation equipment developed by HRC. They hope that HRC give support to the Vietnamese side in the SHP design, equipment selection etc.

    Mr.Huang introduced that Vietnam is very keen on the SHP development and in these two years about 60 SHP projects will be implemented with the installed capacity of 120 MW. The construction & import+export company will invest 8 SHP stations, three of which will be developed in 2003. The construction machinery company will also invest SHP and wind generation. HPC will be responsible for the SHP planning, design, consultation and coordinating with the related construction companies in Vietnam and with overseas organizations. He himself has the "special passion" for China's SHP technology and equipment. In the recent 10 years he visited China and HRC nearly every year.(2003-02-19)

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