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Presentation at the Closing Ceremony of
TCDC Training Workshop on SHP for Asia-Pacific
November 28, 2005
By Zhu Xiaozhang, Honorary Director, HRC

Dear Participants, Colleagues :

    Our memorable training workshop is going to an end now. It is my pleasure to send a remark on this grand closing ceremony. First of all, I'd like to express my warm congratulations to the full success of the workshop which has been achieved under joint effort of HRC staff and all of you the distinguished participants. Now, I would like to talk about 5 points in the followings :

    1. The success of the workshop once again proves the deep insight or philosophy delivered by a senior official Mr.Tanaka from UNIDO, on the first Training Workshop on Small Hydropower for the Asia-Pacific in 1983 at HRC. ( Unfortunately, Mr.Tanaka passed away several years ago ). Upon analysis of the technological dependency of the developing to the developed countries and the widening technology gap between the two groups of countries, he pointed out that well-organized training workshop would be an answer to reduce the gap. But on the other hand, in many cases the developing countries do have such technological capability and capacity, and it is a matter of how these existing capabilities could be effectively mobilized to serve the needs of the countries. And it is more often than not, a problem of "self-confidence" that could motivate an effective contribution of such "technical capabilities" to serve the purpose. It is for this reason that UNIDO has preferred to call the training activities not simply a "training course "but a" training workshop " with emphasis on the latter word "workshop". It is the active participation of the individuals in the excises, the debates, the thinking process and the subsequent mapping out of an action plan ( or follow-up cooperation activities ) that would provide the participants with that " self-confidence " to recognize that after all everybody thinks the same way and acts the same way, and there is little difference in the " capabilities " except " accumulated experience ." Although this statement was made more than 20 years ago, our present workshop has further vividly reflected the correctness of this inference. As the technological capabilities and capacity have further been improved in most developing countries, this workshop type event is likely to be more proper rather than a simple training course.

    2. In addition to our well-prepared technical materials on the basis of China's experience of small hydropower development and well-organized workshop in both presenting the papers in the room and effectively implementing the on-site visit to generation plants and equipment manufacturers, the country report presentation and bilateral cooperation meetings were successively held. To my personal feeling, the participantsí» presentations are all well-prepared and well-presented which gave deep impression to all of us. Not only comprehensive information and latest status of small hydropower development and even electric industry's development in the respective countries have been delivered but also some specific experiences with respect to small hydropower development were offered in the presentation, which were of course valuable and helpful to all of us. For example, the Indian experience of private participation in the SHP development and their innovative mechanism for power sales and purchase activities is very inspirational to us. I'd suggest all the participants to prepare your own papers in wordings on the basis of your Power Point version for HRC to publicize successively on its quarterly journal << SHP-NEWS>>.

    3. Throughout the whole period of the workshop, cordial and friendly atmosphere were filled in every event, animated discussions with substantial contents mostly occurred, and cooperative and constructive spirit were shown both in the bilateral meetings and in the classroom discussions as well. Here, I'd especially express our appreciation and thankfulness to the class monitor and chairman of the country report presentation for his effective effort and contribution to the co-organization of the workshop with HRC.

    4. We have a saying in China recently expressing Chinese peoples' best wishes to build a harmonious world with people from other countries and regions as was given by the 2008 Olympic Games preparation. May be we can also say that in our SHP sector, we SHP people have also set up a harmonious circle which shows both friendship, mutual learning and cooperation among peoples from different countries with different faces, cultural and religious background. All these further signify the existence and role of the " SHP- family " which was usually awarded to HRC by international SHP people. The great Chinese ancient philosopher Confucius said: " In human relationship, a gentleman seeks harmony but not uniformity " which taught us that " harmony without sameness is an important principle in the development of all social affairs and relationships and in guiding people's conduct and behaviors ". I was especially impressed when I was told that our participants have had an up-close discussion with college students here which had further gave you an opportunity to exchange not SHP professional knowledge but broad cultural ideas for furthering your understanding of Chinese people in a wider sense. Hope that all the activities you have engaged in China will be helpful to build up " confidence " in setting up cooperation with China and for you to act as a bridge of mutual cooperation between our countries.

    5. Last but not least, although we all know that the S-S cooperation is now undergoing an expansion from TCDC to ECDC, but I'd still stress that these should also be further understood of its expansion to trade and investment. So, the prospect of our future cooperation could be summarized as "T+E+T+I ". We look forward to hearing from you of any follow-up event proposals after going back home. We will of course do our best to offer our contribution in promoting the SHP development worldwide, including your particular country.

Thank you. (2005-12-05)



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