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Dr. Chen Delivered a Presentation in Thailand
   --- Invited and funded by Center for Energy Environment Research & Development(CEERD) of Thailand, Dr. Chen Shengshui, Director of HRC attended ASEM Green Independent Power Producers Network --- First Regional Workshop held in Bangkok on 23-25th Oct. The general objective of the network is to contribute to higher market maturity in the green power business to make sustainable development in the power sector more efficient and competitive. Dr. Chen has deliver a presentation with the title "Market Conditions, Barriers and Outlook for Small and Mini-hydro in SEA", which was welcome by the participants. During the meeting Dr.Chen has widely contacted friends from over the world. He has also held a short discussion with Mr.Sarhe, Director of CEERD. These activities will promotes the exchange of information between HRC and UN-ESCAP and other member countries.(2002-10-29)

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