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Indian Guest Visited HRC
   --- On 8th Dec 2002, President of Shree-Neel Corp, India, Mr.S.Pustake paid a friendly visit to HRC, holding talks with Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang, the Honorary Director of HRC, and Mr.Li Zhiwu, the Deputy Chief of HRC's International Cooperation & Science Technology Division. Shree-Neel Corp is located in mid of India and the rural irrigation system is well developed there, with rich hydro resources which is appropriate for SHP development. Mr. Pustake placed high evaluation to HRC's SHP design, equipment supply, SHP automation and basin hydrological metering. He expressed his keen expectation of long-term cooperation with HRC, jointly exploiting the SHP market in India. For the first phase development, a MOU was signed between the two sides.(2002-12-10)

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