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NHRI Leaders Visiting HRC

   ---On November 29, Mr. Zhang Ruikai, Director General of NHRI and Deputy Director General Mr. Hu Siyi visited our center. At a meeting with all the division chiefs, they heard the working reports, and Director General Zhang affirmed that these years HRC has been developing stably, with a sustainable growth achieved and the cohesion spirit is further enhanced among all the staffs, and also SHP products move to the international market from HRC. He requested to adjust the development strategy according to the latest conception under the national sci-tech reform framework, as to shape our own unique superiority and technology as soon as possible, and to research and develop the innovative products with independent intellectual property rights. He also emphasized that NHRI would forever be a strong support to HRC. Mr. Hu, Deputy Director General of NHRI, highly appraised the progress HRC had attained, and put forward a very good proposal on how to break through the bottleneck in the process of development. He requested us to firmly hold the golden opportunity of SHP development, unceasingly explore and expand the market through technical innovation, meanwhile, he pointed out that we should be ready for crisis in the peace and be forward-looking°™taking countermeasure in advance to overcome the possible stagnation of hydropower development in the future. Hu inspired us to establish a nation-level engineering technology research center, and maintain an uninterrupted growth.

   Mr. Chen Shengshui, Director of HRC, called on all sectors to earnestly implement the working instructions proposed above, as to guarantee a sustainable development.(2005-12-08)



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