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Seminar on Financing CDM Projects in China conducted
   ---In 17-18 Feb Seminar on Financing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects in China was jointly conducted in Beijing by Tsinghua University, Delphi and Faber Maunsell. Present were participants from Development & Reform Commission of China's State Council, Ministry of Science & Technology, China State Environmental Protection Administration, China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation, representatives of UNDP, GEF, UK, Holland and Canadian Embassies in Beijing, the World Bank, international consultancy companies, China's CDM experimental provinces and etc. Invited by international companies, representatives from HRC were also present.

    The CDM is one of several "flexibility mechanisms" authorized in the December 1997 Kyoto Protocol. The potential benefits to the developing countries include: promoting the investment for environmentally sound projects/technology from the industrialized countries and financial entities so as to achieve the sustainable development of the developing countries. In accordance with the Protocol, all the countries are grouped into two: The annex I parties consist of those industrialized countries and the non-annex I parties mainly of those developing countries.

    CDM in China has not yet been widely publicized and the application procedures complicated. The progress seems a bit slow so far, if compared with such country as India. Some participants commented: "The training is now leaving and you have not got on the train". The officials from Development & Reform Commission of the State Council and Ministry of Science & Technology expressed to speed up the extension process.

    The emission reduction effect of SHP is remarkable, which has been fully confirmed by the participants.(2002-10-16)


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