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2004 TCDC Training Workshop on SHP Equipment Closed
   ---The 2004 TCDC (Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries) Training Workshop on SHP Equipment was held from 12 Oct to 22 Nov 2004 by Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydro Power (HRC). Attended altogether 25 participants from 13 countries, covering Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Oceania.

    Most of the teachers were from HRC, with some from abroad.

    Study tours were arranged to Shaoxing, Shengzhou, Xinchang, Linhai, Wenzhou, Haiyan, Ningbo, Nanjing and Shanghai, where the participants felt to have benefited much. In Shaoxing, Shengzhou, Xinchang and Linhai, they visited some SHP stations of various development types including the rubber dam, siphon intake and equipment manufacturers. Visits were paid to Linhai Machinery Plant and Linhai Electric Machine Plant where participants were able to see the whole process of the hydropower equipment manufacturing. On-site discussions and inquired were made concerning the ordering and the service of the hydropower equipment. In Wenzhou, participants were excited to visit the big private company Chint Corporation Ltd which has been fast growing in the recent years. In Haiyan, participants were delighted to be able to visit one of China's nuclear power plants --- Qinshan Nuclear Power Company which is the first nuclear power station designed, constructed, tested and operated by the Chinese.

    Participants went to Ningbo, visiting a pumped storage station with installed capacity of 80 MW. This station designed by HRC in the past few years was put into operation at the end of 1997. It has a big role to play for the station to provide energy to the grids at the peak hour and its financial record all these years after the commissioning is also encouraging.

    Also, three days were spent in Nanjing and Shanghai ---the largest city and port of China. In Nanjing, participants paid visit to Tiexinqiao Hydraulic Experimental Base which is China's largest hydraulic experimental base.

    During the training workshop, HRC provided a forum for the exchange of SHP experience and technology. The participants were earnest to offer their presentations. Altogether 13 presentations were made by the participants, introducing the experience and lessons learnt in the practice of developing SHP in their own countries. Some of their presentations are being considered to be issued at the quarterly SHP News that HRC edits and publishes. (2004-11-23)


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