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The 2003 International SHP Training Workshop opened
   --- The 2003 International SHP Training Workshop is opened on 13th October at Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydro Power(HRC), and over 30 participants from Micronesia, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Romania, Egypt and etc of 21 Asian, African, Latin American, Eastern European and Oceanic countries will attend the training with the duration of some 40 days.

    This training workshop is sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Commerce. All the lodging, boarding, training, pocket money and the domestic transportation fees are borne by the Chinese government. This is part of the Chinese contribution to South-South cooperation.

    Participants are required to master the basic theory and principles of SHP development, feasibility study, engineering management, operation, maintenance etc. and increase their ability to solve the concrete problems concerning SHP exploitation. The subjects include procedures of SHP development, feasibility study, hydrological analysis, low-cost civil structure, turbo-generator units and auxiliary, electric equipment design, economic evaluation, operation, maintenance, SHP policy and legal aspects etc.

    Lectures are combined with discussions, SHP forum and case study plus study tours, so as to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired and get practical experience. Study tour will be arranged to Shaoxing, Shengzhou, Linhai, Yueqing, Ningbo, Xiaoshan, Deqing, where the participants are to visit some SHP stations of various development types, combining the techniques of low-cost civil structures and appropriate automation controlling system as well as some hydro power equipment manufacturers. Study tour will also be conduced to Nanjing and Shanghai so as to see the fast economic development of the China?¡¥s eastern coastal areas.

    HRC was jointly set up by the UN and the Chinese government in 1981. Entrusted by Chinese Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Commerce (previously called Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation), Ministry of Science & Technology, UNDP, UNIDO, ILO, FAO etc., HRC has successfully hosted over 50 various training workshops with over 2000 participants, including many international meetings and 36 SHP training workshops with over 600 participants from 70 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, East Europe and Oceania.

    Due to the outstanding achievement in international SHP exchange and cooperation scored, the Center was awarded as the ?¡ăModel of South-South Cooperation?¡À by MOFTEC at the turning the century. In the speech delivered at Zhejiang University in mid October 2002, the United Nations Secretary General K. Annan mentioned that right at Hangzhou China you have made use of the Regional (Asia-Pacific) Center where you have shared your valuable rich experience in the field of renewable energy with those from the numerous developing countries in the world. China is playing a pioneering role in the regional technical cooperation with the developing countries. You developed a lot of cooperative projects not only in foreign countries, but also you have generously implemented training workshops for those from the developing countries. (2003-10-14)

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