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Mr. Zhang visited HRC
   --- On 19th May, President of Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, Mr.Zhang Ruikai, came to HRC for an inspection and conducted a discussion among the leaders at the intermediate level and above.
    HRC Director, Dr Chen Shengshui briefed the recent work on SARS prevention, R+D, international cooperation and HRC's infrastructure construction etc. After transmitting the documents from the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources on SARS prevention, President Zhang evaluated highly HRC's achievements and offered his approaches on the future reform and development of HRC. He stressed the following areas of focus for the future work of HRC: prevention of SARS, R+D, reforming and increase of its overall ability to compete in the market. All those present were encouraged and many put forward their recommendations on the strengthening of international small hydro power cooperation.(2003-05-22)

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