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Chile guest visit HRC

   ---On November 11, Mr. Chihon Ley, a C. E. O. from Li CHIHON LEY BCC in Chile, paid a visit to HRC. Firstly, he introduced Chile's present energy condition that energy production can't satisfy the needs of quick-developing economy to honorary director Zhu and senior engineer Xu of HRC. "Now in Chile, due to a shortcut and decreasing supply of Argentinean fuel for our power plants, we are facing a dramatic lack of electric power for the next three years", he said. In view of this situation, Chilean government has issued a new policy to devote major efforts to exploiting the renewable energy, striving to represent 5% (presently 0%) of the total electric-power output. Especially there are great potentialities in SHP development, and there is an increased interest in develop SHP projects. Today in Chile several SHP projects are under engineering development, among which seven SHP projects have been accomplished the feasibility study, and after being approved by national environment evaluation, construction of SHP stations can be carried. Mr. Chihon Ley hoped that HRC would supply small hydropower equipment and technological support for them by then.

   Another purpose for this visit is that University of Santiago expected HRC can help them to train the engineers in SHP. Mr. Chihon Ley put forward two schemes: one is that the experts of HRC can go to Chile to give lectures; the other is that Chilean government will dispatch people to HRC to participate the training workshop for SHP.

   Finally honorary director Mr.Zhu provided some materials of HRC for Mr. Chihon Ley, and Mr. Chihon Ley indicated that this visit was just an initial exchange and he looked forward to the cooperation with the HRC in earnest.(2005-11-10)



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