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Intensifying Foreign-aid Training on Small Hydropower and Promoting Capacity-building of Developing Countries(PDF)
Hangzhou Yatai, Marketing for Future(PDF)
Hangzhou Yatai, A WAY TO SUCCESS(PDF)
International Training Workshops/Seminars Run by HRC with Some Group Photos Attached
Instructions on the Scholarship Master Program on Water Professionals under the "Belt and Road" Initiative
Training Opportunities in 2018 (Word)
Ukraine Country Report (PDF) Kenya Country Report (PDF)
Uzbekistan Country Report (PDF) Ethiopia Country Report (PDF)
Rwanda Country Report (PDF) Pakistan Country Report (PDF)
Sri Lanka Country Report (PDF) Nepal Country Report (PDF)
Tanzania Country Report (PDF)  
2018 Training Course on Small Hydropower Technology for Ethiopia Held Successfully in Addis Ababa (2018-08-20)
2018 Training Course on Small Hydropower Technology for Rwanda Held Successfully in Kigali (2018-08-20)
HRC visited Turkey for SHP Cooperation (2018-08-06)
HRC Visited the Philippines for Renewable Energy Cooperation with ASEAN Countries (2018-07-31)
2018 Training Course on Small Hydropower Technology for Ethiopia Inaugurated Successfully (2018-07-30)
2018 Training Course on Small Hydropower Technology for Rwanda Inaugurated in Kigali Successfully (2018-07-26)
2018 Seminar on Electrification Mode based on Clean Energy for the Countries under Belt & Road Initiative Held Successfully in Hangzhou (2018-07-20)
Young Talent Exchange of Water Resources between China and ASEAN countries successfully held in HRC (2018-07-05)
2018 Seminar on Electrification Mode Based on Clean Energy for Countries under Belt & Road Initiative Kicked off in HRC (2018-06-26)
The Key State-level Project for International Cooperation Undertaken by HRC Progressing Smoothly (2018-06-14)
2018 Seminar on Water Resources Management & Small Hydropower Development for Countries along the Belt and Road Held Successfully in Hangzhou (2018-06-11)
The Rwandan Ambassador to China Visited HRC (2018-06-06)
HRC Visited Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya for Promoting Sino-African Cooperation (2018-05-31)
E Jingping appointed as New Minister of Water Resources
World Water Day: Key facts everyone should know about water
MOU signed to develop 48.8-MW Khimti II hydropower project in Nepal
World Bank new US$250 million guarantee for renewables in Argentina includes small hydro
River chief system to cover whole China by June
China to push forward Belt and Road cooperation: Minister
NTPC adds small hydro plant, achieves highest ever gross power generation
Cambodia's efforts to electrify all villages leans on hydropower
U.S. agency seeks help to advance hydropower, pumped storage contributions to grid
BHEL commissions final turbine at 18-MW Mukerian Stage 2
Project moves forward to raise dam wall at 40-MW Masinga hydro project in Kenya
HRC's Annual Report for 2017(PDF)
HRC's Annual Report for 2016(PDF)
HRC's Annual Report for 2015(PDF)
HRC's Annual Report for 2014(PDF)
Establishing a Scientific Outlook on Development in Rural Areas to Promote the Healthy Development of Hydropower
Mr Tian Zhongxing: Small Hydropower, Big Strategy
Several Issues Regarding Developing Rural Hydropower in China
A Survey of SHP Development in China

Micro Hydropower Equipment
SHP computer-based supervision & protection system

Consumer power-A new label for green electricity products
Investing in China

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