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Dear participants and friends,

Firstly, we would like to extend you and your family our heartfelt wishes for happiness, health and wealth.

Entrusted by Chinese Ministry of Water Resources, Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDP, UNIDO, ASEAN Secretariat etc., HRC has until now, successfully hosted 88 seminars/training courses for more than 1700 participants of 112 countries. HRC has not only organized trainings/seminars sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China and the Ministry of Science & Technology of China, but also hosted multilateral and bilateral training courses/seminars financed by China-ASEAN Cooperative Fund, APEC Fund, and Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund of UNDP, with the topics expanded from SHP to water management, rural electrification and renewable energy. Based on modern technologies of VR and internet+ etc., HRC has improved training modes and consistently enhanced the capacity building for all the developing countries. In addition, HRC has dispatched delegates to visit the former participants of Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda, Lao PDR, etc., and will continue to organize more of other countries in future. HRC is renowned as the "Family of SHP in the World" and awarded as the "Model of South-South Cooperation" by the Ministry of Commerce of China.

Supported by the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and as the "Base of International Sci. & Tech. Cooperation for Renewable Energy & Rural Electrification of Zhejiang Province", HRC has shared advanced technologies on SHP, hybrid power-generation from renewable energies, off-grid solar power system and etc. with over 100 countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Italy, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lao PDR, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Peru, Cuba and so on. HRC has accomplished lots of international sci. & tech. cooperative projects for local and central governments including "China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower", "Flow Turbine-generator Set and Technology", "Decentralized and Hybrid Power-supply Technology & Equipment Based on Hydropower", "Sharing of Clean Energy-based Rural Electrification Mode and Technology" and etc. With the strong supports of Chinese government and international organizations, HRC starts to make "China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower" to be an important technical research, development and demonstrative base on SHP in South Asia. Cooperating with PLN of Indonesia, a technical transfer center on renewable energies shall be set up for ASEAN countries. In collaboration with the African Union, a technical transfer, research & training center on clean energy & rural electrification will be set up in Ethiopia for all African countries. Furthermore, based in Serbia, a SHP technical & equipment research and development base shall be built for Western Asia, Eastern Europe and Caucasian region.

Dear our participants and friends, we do believe your stay in China has offered you valuable experience through the classroom presentation, discussions, study tours and various contacts with the local friendly Chinese people. It is also expected that we could continue all-round exchange and cooperation in the field mutually concerned.

You, as our friends and family members, are expected to share us about SHP-related information in your countries (such as policies & regulations, potential projects, biddings, meetings or conferences, training and etc.) by means of giving introductions, reports, brief news, business opportunities etc. In such a way, all of us can work closely, regardless of the geographical distance, and we can share the valuable information and further strengthen the cooperation among us. We shall set up a database with valuable information on HRC homepage, and distribute internationally through our periodical "SHP NEWS".

Besides, should there be any advice concerned, never hesitate to inform us please, since HRC, as the family of global SHP, is also the home for all of you forever.

Thank you for your kind attention. We are looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you in the near future.

Yours faithfully

Dr. XU Jincai
Director General of HRC


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