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Dear participants of TCDC workshops,
    In the auspicious Chinese Year of Tiger, we would like to extend you and your family our heartfelt wishes for happiness and prosperity.

    Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce of P. R. China, by now HRC (Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydro Power) has already hosted 54 TCDC international training workshops on SHP, and nearly 900 international engineers or technicians from around 100 countries participated. It is believed your stay in China offered you valuable experience through the classroom presentation, discussions, study tours and various contacts with the local friendly Chinese people. It is meanwhile expected that we could continuously carry out all-round exchange and cooperation in the field mutually concerned.

    Thereby, HRC's homepage (www.hrcshp.org) was set up years ago for dissemination of SHP information, and it has already been browsed by hundreds of thousands of SHP professionals for it is informative, applicable and rewarding. Now a new column called "HRC Alumni" is open especially for the participants of TCDC SHP training workshops, inside which the personal details of each former TCDC participant will be online, and participants can also register for raising any comment or suggestion, as well as to get acquainted with other friends for the convenience of exchanging experience and technology to consolidate friendship and SHP cooperation. In such a way, all of us can work closely with each other, regardless of the geographical distance, and we can share the valuable information and further strengthen the cooperation among us. You, as our friends, are expected to timely provide us the SHP-related information in your countries (such as policies & regulations, project cooperation, project bidding, international meetings, training and etc.) by means of giving introductions, reports, brief news, business opportunities or with vivid pictures. We will put the relevant information on HRC's homepage, and possibly select some to distribute internationally through our periodical "SHP NEWS".

    Besides, should there be any change of your personal contact details or other information concerned, never hesitate to contact us directly, since HRC, as the family of global SHP, is the home for all of you.

    Thank you for your attention. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully

Dr. Cheng Xialei
Director of HRC

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HRC's former participants are cordially welcome to send the updated contact information, photos and etc to Mr Pan (dqpan@hrcshp.org) for updating on the homepage.



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