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A Milestone in International Training on SHP--- 2003 SHP Training Workshop Completed
    The 2003 TCDC (Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries) SHP Training Workshop was held from 9 Oct to 18 Nov 2003 by Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydro Power (HRC). Attended altogether 37 participants from 24 countries, covering Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Oceania. This is the first training workshop on SHP that HRC conducted since the establishment of HRC for so many participants from so many countries.

    This training workshop which is the 37th international SHP training workshop conducted by HRC was sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, as one of the technical collaborative projects among the developing countries. All the lodging, boarding, training, pocket money and the domestic transportation fees were borne by the Chinese government. That is part of the Chinese contribution to the South-South cooperation.

    In his speech at the closing ceremony, Director of HRC, Dr. Chen pointed out:"Through your 40 days study in HRC, you have learnt some essential technology and experience related to the development of SHP which is one of the most appropriate energy forms for the vast rural areas of the developing countries. It is expected that you will play a more active role in the exploitation of SHP resources in your own country and for the benefit of your people when you are back home"."Apart from the SHP technology study, you were able to see more about China, to know its people and to make Chinese friends. That is to promote the traditional friendship between China and foreign countries. Obviously, the Chinese language lesson arranged before the SHP presentation helps such exchange and communication. It is not exaggerating to say that you can serve the important bridge in the cooperation of all fields between your motherland and China in future."

    Most of the teachers were from HRC. Participants were required to master the basic theory and principles of SHP development, feasibility study and to increase their ability to solve the concrete problems concerning SHP exploitation. The subjects included procedures of SHP development, feasibility study, hydrological analysis, low-cost and simplified civil structures, turbo-generator units and auxiliary, electric equipment design, technical refurbishment, computer application in SHP stations, SHP economic evaluation, etc. Such special topics as hydro power resources in China, renewable energy, hydraulic ram and micro power units were also introduced and evaluated by the participants as beneficial.

    During this training workshop, new study tour routes were developed and optimized. Study tours were arranged to Shaoxing, Shengzhou, Linhai, Wenzhou, Haiyan, Ningbo, Nanjing and Shanghai, where the participants felt to have benefited much. In Shaoxing, Shengzhou, Linhai, they visited some SHP stations of various development types including the rubber dam, equipment manufacturers. Visits were paid to Linhai Machinery Plant and Linhai Electric Machine Plant where participants were able to see the whole process of the hydropower equipment manufacturing. On-site discussions and inquired were made concerning the ordering and the service of the hydropower equipment. In Wenzhou, participants were excited to visit the big private company Chint Corporation Ltd which has been fast growing in the recent years. The company is listed No 1 so far in China in the production of low voltage electric equipment. Its production line is highly automatic. The development of Chinese private companies was briefed and the elements of such fast development were explored. The participants were so deeply impressed that they would associate the technical level of the company to that of such global big companies as GE or Siemens. The products were observed as reliable, appropriate and moderate in price. In Haiyan, participants were delighted to be able to visit one of China's nuclear power plants --- Qinshan Nuclear Power Company which is the first nuclear power station designed, constructed, tested and operated by the Chinese. With the completion of the 2nd and 3rd phase engineering by 2003, the installed capacity would reach 3 million kW. Some African participants expressed that never in their life have they ever seen a nuclear power plant and such experience was very important.

    Participants went to Ningbo, visiting a pumped storage station with installed capacity of 80 MW. This station designed by HRC in the past few years was put into operation at the end of 1997. It has a big role to play for the station to provide energy to the grids at the peak hour and its financial record all these years after the commissioning is also encouraging.

    Also, three days were spent in Nanjing and Shanghai ---the largest city and port of China. In Nanjing, participants paid visit to the packaged hydropower units in Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute and its Tiexinqiao Hydraulic Experimental Base which is China's largest hydraulic experimental base. Such packaged hydropower units are most appropriate for the energy supply to the farmers in the decentralized vast rural areas in the developing countries, and the equipment is reliable in operation and low in price. At night splendid and gorgeous fireworks were launched for participants who enjoyed every moment. Shanghai is a busy and dynamic metropolis of China. With the opening and reforming policy set forth by the Chinese government some 20 years ago, tremendous changes have taken place in that city. A great number of skyscrapers pop up, with its modern and convenient transportation network. Many of the participants commented: "We thought this is not in Shanghai, but in New York or Paris. Before we came to China, we had a delusion that China was a poor and backward country. The buildings there were shabby and indecent. A lot of people were suffering from hunger. We never think that China is now so modern and developed, with its kind and cheerful people. It has set a very good example for the other developing countries to follow in its economic development."

    In addition, during the training workshop on SHP, the Fifth West Lake Exposition was conducted at Hangzhou and the participants had a chance to visit office & household appliance exhibition.

    During the training workshop, HRC provided a forum for the exchange of SHP experience and technology. The participants were earnest to offer their presentations. Altogether over 20 presentations were made by the participants, introducing the experience and lessons learnt in the practice of developing SHP in their own countries. Some of their presentations are being considered to be issued at the quarterly SHP News that HRC edits and publishes. Participants commented, "This forum was important and well organized. Such exchange of SHP information and experience will definitely promote the further development of global SHP ".

    Apart from training and study tours, sightseeing programs were arranged. With the West Lake Expansion going on, the scenic area of Hangzhou is increased. Though it is virtually not possible for participants to visit all the local scenic spots only at the weekends during this training workshop, the participants were able to enjoy the main natural beauty of some scenic sites in Hangzhou. Such famous sites as Yang Causeway, Flower Harbour Park, Leifeng Pagoda, Xihu State Guest House, Hefang Street, museums, Dragon-Well Village and etc were visited. Table tennis competition, singing and dancing parties were conducted. What an exciting experience it was!

    Equally exciting was the moment when Mr. Pan, the training coordinator announced at the closing ceremony that HRC has prepared and would present to every participant a CD-ROM which contains a briefing to HRC, the details of 2003 TCDC SHP participants, presentations by HRC's lecturers, photos reflecting activities of 2003 TCDC SHP training workshop, one-hour-long selected Chinese traditional master music pieces and the photos of scenery around Hangzhou --- a paradise on earth.

    HRC is at the developing stage and its service provided may not be quite satisfactory to all, including arrangement of activities, lodging and boarding, in particular. The participants of 2003 TCDC SHP Training Workshop experienced much noise and mosquitoes, our dining room was temporary. However, HRC's new lab and restaurant are being constructed in HRC and we firmly believe that the participants in our upcoming training workshops on SHP will surely able to make use of the better environment and facilities in HRC.

    Essentially, it can be concluded that there are two factors constraining the SHP exploitation in the developing countries --- the finance and SHP technology. It is abundant in hydro power resources in those countries but the coverage of electricity is still rather low. For example, in Ethiopia of Africa, the coverage of electricity is only around 13%. Further more, the stage of SHP development in most developing countries is still fairly low. According to the questionnaires collected, nearly all of the participants regarded that such SHP training workshops held by HRC were beneficial to them and thus requested HRC run more training workshops on SHP, in future.

    In 2004 HRC will implement numerous both domestic and international small hydro power training workshops including two international training workshops on SHP. The TCDC training workshop on SHP Equipment planned will be implemented in Oct and Nov. The other TCDC training workshop on SHP multi-purpose development in Sept 2004 is now under consideration. It is hoped that more hydro power resources worldwide could be tapped in future so that the living standard of the local people could be improved and their local economy could be boomed in the numerous developing countries. HRC is committed to stimulating the development of SHP --- a renewable and environmentally sound energy by conducting SHP training programs so as to benefit participants from the developing countries.

    By now the 2003 TCDC SHP Training Workshop has ended and let it be the new start of more future SHP cooperation worldwide!

(Written by D.Pan, HRC)

Group photo
Certificates issued by Dr.Chen Closing ceremony
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At Linhai Machinery Works In Chint Corporation Ltd
Participants at hrc's broad-band internet room Discussion
At the Great Wall in South China Shanghai Nanjing-Road
Around Westlake Sightseeing--1
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Visit to packaged unit Visit to Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
Evening Party Visit to a rubber dam

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