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Conference held for discussing ecological impact of water project

   ---On August 1st, a forum titled Ecological Impact of Water Projects was opened in Beijing. Centering on the theme of "attaching importance to ecological environment protection, and making water projects beneficial to mankind", experts and scholars from different fields, people of various circles, who keep an open eye on the undertaking of water resources, debated on water resources management and its relation with ecological environment, and make suggestion to the construction of water projects and improvement of ecological environment. Over 300 people of various circles and MWR staff attended the forum.

   Minister of the Ministry of water Resources (MWR), Mr. Wang Shucheng, attended the forum and gave a keynote speech. Vice Minister of MWR, Mr. Suo Lisheng delivered a theme speech and presided the forum in the afternoon. Vice Ministers Mr. E Jingping, Mr. Liu Guanghe, Ms Zhou Ying and Chief Engineer of MWR Mr. Liu Ning also attended the forum. The attendees probed into the ecological impact of water conservancy projects from theoretical and practical aspects. Former Minister of MWR, Jing Zhengshu, announced the rating results of proceedings presented in the forum and awarded 32 winners.The article-" Ecological Environmental Protection and Solution of SHP Development" presented by HRC was in the winner list.

   Minister Wang Shucheng pointed out in his address that, promoting benefit and abolishing harm of water is always a major undertaking in China. Water projects have played an irreplaceable role in economic and social development of China for thousands of years. The development of water projects should not sacrifice or at the cost of destroying ecological environment. It is our duty to protect ecological environment. Water professionals should pay more attention to ecological and environmental problems, and should shoulder the double responsibilities of water construction and ecological protection. On behalf of MWR, Minister Wang Shucheng also welcomed people of various circles stick to scientific development view, and make valuable suggestions on how to deal with ecological impact of water projects from different aspects, and encourage the whole society participate and support a harmonious development of water projects with ecological environment. (2005-08-09)



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