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Leaders from Ministry of Water Resources to HRC

   ---On December 23, a group of officials from Chinese Ministry of Water Resources headed by Ms. Meng Zhimin, Deputy Director General of International Cooperation & Science Technology Department of Water Resources Ministry visited HRC. At the meeting with HRC's chiefs at different levels, Mr. Chen Shuisheng, Director of HRC, made the working report to introduce the achievements obtained by HRC especially in the aspects of international SHP cooperation, the existing issues, and put forward some corresponding proposals.

   Ms Meng highly affirmed that these years HRC has made great efforts for international SHP cooperation and development, especially in conducting international training workshops and technology-economy cooperation. She pointed out that, "Since entering into the 21st century, great changes have taken place in the international political and economic situation, and the tendency of economical globalization has been further strengthened. In recent 20 years, HRC has run 41 SHP related international training workshops for nearly 740 officials and engineers from 80 countries, which is an amazing achievement with great significance. Meanwhile, the pattern of training promoting technology-economy cooperation in HRC is worth initiating." She also encouraged HRC to continue striving hard, to actively cultivate more talents who are not only proficient in foreign languages and SHP, but also able to grasp the knowledge about business and participate in the international SHP cooperation and competition, and to make more contributions for Chinese SHP further going global.

   Division chiefs Liu Zhiguang and Li Ge in the Ministry offered some suggestions in further internalize HRC, to participate more in the relevant international conferences, and to stimulate the export of China's SHP technology and equipment with the aid of international training workshops.

    At this meeting, our HRC's main business, prospect and the way of dealing with various relations were all positively explored.(2005-12-29)



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