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2005 SHP Training Workshop Opens

   ---The 2005 International SHP Training Workshop is opened on 20th October at Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydro Power (HRC), and some 30 participants from around 18 Asian, African, Eastern Europe and Latin American countries will attend the training with the duration of some 40 days.

   This training workshop is sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Commerce. All the lodging, boarding, training, pocket money and the domestic transportation fees are borne by the Chinese government. This is part of the Chinese contribution to South-South cooperation.

    Lectures are combined with discussions and case study plus study tours, so as to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired and get practical experience.

   Study tours will be arranged to Shaoxing, Linhai, Wenzhou and Ningbo where the participants are to visit some SHP stations of various development types, combining the techniques of low-cost civil structures and appropriate automation controling equipment. Visits to Nanjing and Shanghai are also arranged to enable the participants to see the fast economic development of China after adopting the policy of opening and reform.

   HRC Director, Dr.Chen Shengshui pointed out at the opening: "SHP is a sort of renewable and environmentally sound energy. It has a bigger role to play if combined with environment improvement, poverty-alleviation, flood prevention, fresh water supply, rural irrigation, navigation, fishery and tourism. Thus, more and more countries in the world are beginning to pay attention to harnessing it."

   Mr.Yeptho, the participant from India expressed, "HRC has now become well-known. In India, many SHP colleagues know HRC as the regional training center, providing SHP training for participants from the developing countries. We'd surely make full use of this rare opportunity to strive to develop more SHP in future."

   By the end of 2004, there are in China 43809 SHP site in operation with the total installed capacity 34.66 mil kW, representing nearly half of the world total.(2005-10-21)



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