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HRC's annual working report meeting held

   ---On the afternoon of Jan. 7th, the annual working report meeting for HRC's division chiefs was held. HRC's leaders, middle-level cadres, retired leaders and staff, the Youth League and the Labour Union were also among the participants. The meeting was presided over by Ms. Cheng Xialei, executive deputy director of HRC.
   The chiefs of 9 divisions respectively gave a report on several aspects of each division, inclusive of the general condition, duty performance, self-discipline, etc. Besides, all divisions were also deeply aware of their own inadequacies and brought forward measures for improvement as well as the following working plan. The meeting promoted the exchange among the divisions with the goal of mutual-exchange and mutual-development realized.
   After the statement of all the 9 chiefs, the 9 chiefs were assessed objectively.(2009-01-14)



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