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Indian Guests Visited HRC

   ---On September 20, 2010, Mr. Valmik Soni and Mr. Parth Timbadia from India paid a visit to HRC. Hangzhou Yatai Hydro Equipment Completing Co., Ltd (the R+D center of HRC) and the Division of Foreign Affairs & Training of HRC jointly welcomed the Indian guests and held a friendly and cordial meeting with them.

   The countryside in India is very rich in hydropower resources, which so far have not yet been well exploited. As the successful developers in the fields of real estate and resorts, the guests expressed their keen desire to develop the local hydropower, and they hoped to get technical assistance from HRC and import SHP equipment from China.

   During the meeting, the guests introduced the concrete conditions of the potential MHP projects, based on which, HRC provided preliminary consultation and answered questions as well. The feasibility of the projects and implementation plan were discussed together.

   The Indian guests sincerely gave a high evaluation on HRC and the bilateral cooperation in future was expected to be fruitful.(2010-09-26)



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