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NHRI Reported Work to National Energy Bureau

   ---On March 9th, 2011, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI) reported work to National Energy Bureau (NEB).

   President Mr. Zhang Jianyun introduced NHRI's basic situation and laid the emphasis on the work of NHRI in the field of renewable energy such as rural small hydropower, wind energy, ocean energy and so on. Then he reported on NHRI's achievements in various aspects during "11th Five-year Plan" as well as the work conducted in 2010.

   After listening to the work report, Mr. Liu Qi, Vice President of NEB, congratulated NHRI on the encouraging achievements it has scored during "11th Five-year Plan" and hoped that NHRI could seize the opportunity to enhance basic researches and scientific and technological development, strengthen researches on renewable energy for the realization of China's energy development goals in the "12th Five-year Plan" and make new contributions to cope with climate change.

   Vice Director of General Affairs Department in NEB, Mr. Wang Siqiang, Director of New Energy and Renewable Energy Department, Mr. Wang Jun, Section Chief of Personnel Department, Ms. Zhao Li were present in the meeting.

   Vice President of NHRI Mr. Chen Shengshui and Mr. Li Yun, HRC Director Ms. Cheng Xialei, Vice Director Mr. Xu Jincai, attended the meeting. (2011-03-15)



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