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Mr. Taskin from Turkish Fernas Company Visited HRC

   ---On 10th December 2010, Mr. Taskin from Turkish Fernas Company visited HRC, regarding the Garzan Project in Turkey. Director General of HRC, Mr. Dong Dafu and Mr. Xu Wei, manager of Hangzhou Yatai Hydro Equipment Completing Co., Ltd, a sub company of HRC, and Garzan Project team members attended the meeting in the morning.

   Project Manager Xiong Jie introduced the SCADA system of Garzan Project to Mr. Taskin, focusing on the designing of SCADA system for Garzan Project. Amendment and supplement were made for the single line drawings of the project and approved by both parties.

   The rapid development of our Centre surprised our Turkish guest. And their confidence in cooperating and purchasing our equipment and technology was enhanced. Mr. Taskin sincerely hoped that broader cooperation would be made between us in the near future not only on the purchase of hydropower equipment, but also on the designing field of hydropower.

   The visit further promotes the mutual friendship, and increases the confidence for future cooperation for both sides as well. (2010-12-15)



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