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Representative of SHP Special Committee participated in Academic Exchange Symposium on Small and Medium Hydropower Construction and Management in Hunan and gave an academic report

   ---From Sept.2nd to 4th 2009, Academic Exchange Symposium on Small and Medium Hydropower Construction and Management was convened in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province. The symposium was jointly sponsored by Hunan Provincial Society of Hydroelectric Engineering and Hubei Provincial Society of Hydroelectric Engineering and organized by Water Conservancy Bureau of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture. The symposium focused on the following six subjects: small and medium hydropower planning (station and river basin planning), construction and management, investment and financing systems of small and medium hydropower, design and construction of small and medium hydropower stations, safe and economical operation and management of small and medium hydropower plants, unattended (few on duty) small and medium hydropower stations, environmental protection concerning small and medium hydropower stations.

   Mr. Zhao Jianda, Deputy Secretary-General of SHP Special Committee of Chinese Society of Hydroelectric Engineering (CSHEE), Associate Executive Editor of the journal Small Hydro Power of HRC and Chief of Editorial Division of HRC, participated in the symposium upon invitation and took his seat at the rostrum. He was invited as the first speaker to give an academic report on SHP Resources and Development in China and Discussion over SHP Academic Concerns in the New Era. With latest official statistics, Mr. Zhao introduced the hydro energy resources in rural areas and their distributions, the developing and utilizing situation of the resources in the 60 years since the foundation of PRC, national rural hydropower and electrification construction, pilot projects and expanding pilot projects construction for Replacing Fuel Wood with SHP Project, planning for rural electrification through hydropower from 2011 to 2020, especially the SHP resources and the developing and utilizing situation in Hunan and Hubei Provinces and academic concerns over SHP in the new era, etc. His report was highly appreciated by the host, the leaders and the experts present.

   Hydropower is the most abundant, developed and the only industrialized clean and renewable energy of scale at present. To put hydropower in priority, to develop it rapidly, scientifically, orderly, properly and harmoniously is a must for improving the social and economic development nationwide and for enhancing the living and working conditions for the people. Currently, only 30% of hydropower is exploited in China with unbalanced levels among different provinces. As a result, we still have a long way to go to fully develop hydropower resources. Taking Hunan and Hubei provinces as an example, large-scale hydropower stations are nearly fully developed, leaving small and medium hydropower projects to be developed. Small and medium hydropower development, which has become a major subject of hydropower construction, will play a key role in energy conservation, emission reduction, and sustainable development of county economy and in supporting the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. We ought to pay more attention to small and medium hydropower, infuse more technical input into it and to develop new materials, dam types, structures, techniques and equipment which are of low cost, new technology and which are simple and reliable for SHP use.

   Academic exchange is the fundamental part to an academic society. As a mass academic group of hydropower and power generating industry, Chinese Society of Hydroelectric Engineering (CSHEE) focuses its efforts on professional academic exchange and discussion. After participation in this symposium, the influence of HRC and SHP Special Committee has been expanded among SHP circle in Hunan and Hubei Provinces. What's more, the establishment of SHP Special Committee and the work it carries on, particularly the preparation situation for the First Chinese SHP Forum and the public collection of papers for this forum are presented. (2009-09-15)



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