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2011 Training Workshop on SHP Technology for French-speaking Countries in Africa Concluded Successfully

   ---On 27th September, a cool and drizzling day in the mid-autumn of the beautiful city Hangzhou, the grand closing ceremony of "Training Workshop on SHP Technology for French-speaking Countries in Africa" was held in the multi-functional hall of HRC, where the flowers bloomed luxuriantly. Totally 40 officials and engineers from 17 french-speaking countries in Africa attended this 42-day training program.

   The ceremony started in a cordial and harmonious atmosphere. On behalf of HRC, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC, firstly extended the sincere congratulations to their successful study and it would be favorable to them to make contributions to the SHP development in their own countries. She expressed her great respect and sincere gratitude to all the participants for their serious attitude and friendly cooperation during the whole training period; she also made an overall summing-up and review of the implementation and results of the training program, thanks to the endless effort of both participants and all the working staff of HRC. Ms. Cheng warmly invited all the participants to visit HRC again and call them cordially "permanent alumnus of the Training Workshop on SHP Technology" organized by HRC.

   Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang, Honorary Director of HRC delivered a cordial, pertinent and fascinating address. Mr. ZHU said it was proved that China has the proven technology in the area of electric power especially small hydropower based on "Seeing is believing" through their pleasant stay and study for more than one month in China and mentioned that China is a trustful partner for different brother countries in Africa. He sincerely expressed his hope to encourage all participating countries by sharing the development experience of the past several decades. Mr. Zhu deeply believed that all the participants will play an important role in the promoting south-south cooperation and the cooperation between China and their country in the area of the development of SHP.

   The hall sounded with applause again and again with the wonderful speech delivered by leaders of HRC. Then two monitors, Idrice from Benin and Andre from the Republic of the Congo, delivered a long touching address full of sensation. It was a super combination of touching and fluent french of Mr. Idrice and the "cadence" of Chinese of Mr. Andre. The gratitude extended and the flower of friendship boom. We can see the indestructible bridge being built between China and different brother countries in Africa, linked together tightly.

   Upon the end of the ceremony, on behalf of HRC, Chief Pan Daqing prepared and presented gifts for three monitors in order to express thanks to their selfless devotion during the training period. Participants also gave their special gifts of African national characteristics to the Director Cheng Xialei, Chief Pan Daqing and Ms. Shi Jin etc. to show their love with HRC.

   With the melodious sound of music, holding happily the certificates issued by MOFCOM and the gifts from HRC, the participants took photos with the leaders, lecturers and staff one after another. At this moment, no one would like to part, and everybody wished that: Let us advance hand in hand, tomorrow will be better and brighter.

   Deputy director Xu Jincai and Huang Jianping were also present at the closing ceremony. (2011-09-30)



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