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2009 Training Workshop on Small Hydropower Technology Concluded with Full Success

   ---The 42-day Training Workshop on Small Hydropower Technology wrapped up with full success on 23rd June. The grand closing ceremony was held in HRC's multi-functional hall in a festive and friendly atmosphere. Present at the ceremony were 32 participants from 18 Asian, African and European countries, including Afghanistan, Turkey, Georgia, Uganda, etc. as well as HRC's leaders and working staff. Meanwhile, division chief from Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province also took time off to come to the closing and farewell ceremony.

   With the melodious Chinese folk music, fragrant flowers and smiling faces in the hall, Mr. Pan Daqing, chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Division of HRC, declared the opening of the closing ceremony, which started with the address by Mr. Fan Aihua, division chief from Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province. He extended his congratulations on the successful conclusion of the training workshop and spoke highly of the organization and teaching arrangements of the training by HRC. In addition, he expressed his respect for their efforts in overcoming all the language barriers, living habits and local customs to focus on their study here. It was also noted that Chinese government has attached equal importance to both its own development and its exchange of politics, culture and economy with other countries in the world especially with the developing countries. He hoped that all the participants could take this opportunity and platform of exchange and study to bridge various countries in an effort to deepen the friendship between Chinese people and its counterparts in various countries, promote the wider application of SHP on a global basis, make greater contributions to the economic development, poverty alleviation and environmental protection.

   On behalf of HRC, Ms. Cheng Xialei, deputy director of HRC and Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang, honorary director of HRC extended their congratulations to all the participants and hoped that participants could be the bridge between China and their own countries in SHP technology and trade and economic development cooperation. Speeches from Chinese side won rounds of applause from the participants. Mr. Xu Jincai, deputy director of NRIRE, Mr. Huang Jianping, chief engineer of HRC and some lecturers were also present at the closing ceremony.

   At the closing ceremony, four representatives on behalf of all the participants respectively gave a passionate speech, expressing their gratitude to the sponsor and organizer of the training program, Chinese Ministry of Commerce and HRC, demonstrated their profound sentiments of friendship towards Chinese people. It is appraised by all the participants that this training workshop is quite beneficial and will exert far-reaching and positive influence on the SHP development in developing countries. It is hoped that China would continuously organize this kind of SHP training workshops for developing countries. Afghanistan participant Abdullah remarked in his speech that "Chinese people's fathers constructed the Great Wall, today new generations of Chinese people implement the Three Gorges Project and thousands of other projects. Stones even with indefinite quantity might become a mountain, indefinite flow of water may form a river, but human makes it Great Wall and Three Gorges." Moreover, it is universally agreed that the publicity, popularization and use of SHP is significant. They feel the responsibility to make SHP play a more important role and HRC would be their best partner forever.

   Words from the bottom of their hearts seem not enough to convey their heartfelt gratitude. They selected a special present for HRC, which is a large electronic permanent calendar with a group photo attached and some basic information of this training workshop, signifying their deep attachment to HRC and the everlasting friendship between China and various countries.

   At the end of the closing ceremony, participants actively invite HRC leaders and working staffs to have photos together, with the certificates issued by Chinese Ministry of Commerce and HRC's gifts in their hands. After the closing ceremony, a meticulously prepared banquet and a specially designed farewell party were held. At the time of their departure and behind their happiness, there lingers a hidden and nameless sadness among the participants. They felt that HRC would be their warm family in China forever, as right here left their joys, smiles, hardships and unfading sentiments towards HRC which is their beautiful garden where they were sometimes lost in a state of reverie.(2009-06-26)



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