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2010 Work Review & Commendation Meeting of HRC Was Held

   ---On 20th January 2011, HRC held its 2010 Work Review & Commendation Meeting. Led by Vice President of Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI) Mr. Chen Shengshui, leaders of NHRI's Administrative Office, NHRI's CPC Committee Office, and Division of Human Resources were present at the meeting which was presided over by Deputy President Mr. Chen Shengshui.

   HRC Director and Secretary of HRC's CPC Committee Ms. Cheng Xialei, on behalf of all HRC staff members, conveyed her gratitude to Mr. Chen and other leaders from NHRI for attending this meeting in spite of such heavy snow. Then, as the head of HRC's leading team, she made the work review report of 2010 and notified the working plan for 2011. 2010 Advanced Division and Outstanding Worker Award were announced and commended. NHRI's leaders conducted the assessment on HRC's leaders, inspected the party construction system and the punishment and prevention mechanism against corruption.

   After transferring greetings from the President of NHRI Mr. Zhang Jianyun to all HRC staff, Vice President Mr. Chen Shengshui pointed out that, under the leadership of Ms. Cheng Xialei and other members, HRC had made enormous achievements: its technological innovativeness had been greatly enhanced and its competitiveness immensely strengthened; its ability to provide technical support to the industrial development had been vigorously improved, so had the economic strength, staff income and ability to maintain sustainable development. But what needed to be realized while celebrating the achievements were two difficulties and challenges: firstly, the problem of HRC's mechanism which, with the joint efforts of Ministry of Water Resources, NHRI and HRC, had seen progress but was not yet solved, resulting in unsmooth flow of financial support; secondly, with comparatively monotonous specialty and a lack of first-class human resources on scientific researches and management, HRC was still weak in technological and economic strength, which resulted in vulnerability in face of crisis.

   Mr. Chen put forward six requirements for HRC's future development: first of all, to further strengthen the innovativeness on science and technology by cultivating talents in good command of industrial demand and by applying for nation-level projects; second, to put on stress on the follow-up work of research achievements, to value award application and publicity of research achievements; third, to stress domestic market while expanding the international market; fourth, to exploit and expand new areas for economic growth; fifth, strive to elevate Small Hydropower magazine from ordinary journal to core journal; sixth, to enhance party construction. All in all, while making efforts to achieve economic development, we must remain prudent and cautious to maintain HRC' good reputation.

   All staff members of HRC attended the meeting. (2011-01-28)



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