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Norwegian Guests Visited HRC

   ---On April, 2nd, Mr. Per Eidsvik ,international relation director of Economic and Trade Commission, Nordland province, Norway, accompanied by Mr Xing Huidong, vice chief of Europe and Africa Section of Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Office came to visit HRC.

   HRC leaders and experts conveyed warmly welcome to and had friendly discussion with the guests. Ms. Cheng Xialei, deputy director of HRC, gave a comprehensive introduction to the basic situation and work of the center. Then Mr. Pan Daqing, Division Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training, offered a brief and vivid description of the general situation of SHP development in China, with focus on that of Zhejiang province. After a better understanding of current SHP status in China and Zhejiang province, Norwegian side showed their full appreciation of the fruits achieved by HRC in the field of small hydropower. Mr. Per Eidsvik briefly introduced hydropower development in Norway, and sincerely hoped that opportunities be created for cooperation with HRC in hydropower sector so as to make joint contribution to hydropower development globally.

   Some leaders attended the meeting and discussion include Mr. Xu Jincai, deputy director of National Research institute for Rural Electrification, Mr. Li Zhiwu, Division Chief of International Cooperation ,Science and Technology, Mr. Dong Dafu, director of R&D Center and Mr. Lin Ning, deputy director of R&D Center.(2009-04-03)



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